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Hearth and Home

While the dynamic of today’s nuclear family has changed some in recent decades, the ruts of historic roles of family members are still deeply etched. Hopefully the tide of the two income household will reach a high water mark, and more families will try to …

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Power Outage Drill

Everyone should conduct a power outage drill at least once a year. This applies to those living with alternative power as well. Whether you consider yourself a prepper, homesteader, farmer, democrat, republican, libertarian or even an anarchist, you are a human. Humans require certain things …

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Beeswax’s?!? By: Michael Jordan, “The BEE Whisperer” abeefriendlycompany@gmail.com Beeswax is a wonderful natural product that can be used for so many purposes and can make so many wonderful things. It has a beautiful rich yellow color and a sweet honey scent. Beeswax is produced by …

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Remembering Hope

“I want to turn this place into a homestead.”  That is the statement that changed my life more than I ever thought possible. There has been the good, the bad, and the ugly.  So many tears. So much joy. So many heartaches and losses.  So …

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