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The Food Movement

“People are fed by the food industry, which pays no attention to health. And are treated by the health industry, which pays no attention to food.” – Wendell Berry Growing a garden and taking control of your own personal agriculture might be the most important …

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Produce No Waste

Produce no waste, another, you guessed it, permaculture principle, and a key part of any design.   It’s so easy in the UK to ‘deal with’ waste – some blokes come and take it away and put it into a hole in the ground that people rarely see or feel …

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The Future of Permaculture

The Four Boat Anchors Holding Back Permaculture Where does the future of Permaculture lie? Well, I would like to start off with where it doesn’t lie as that may lead us along faster if we are open and honest about it. These are areas where I feel we are wasting time if we put any real effort into them… Influencing the individual politics of others Bitching about what is wrong with the current system Doing everything for free or as a “nonprofit” Focusing on PDCs over on the ground “workshops” and multiple income sources I honestly believe each of the above represents no less than a series of boat anchors that hold back permaculture from moving forward at a much faster pace and gaining broader main stream acceptance. Indeed if each is examined with a basic analysis of what it creates vs. what it impedes the true way to move Permaculture into broader acceptance becomes clear in my opinion.

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How to Plant a Cherry Tree Guild

Homesteaders, gardeners, and permaculturists alike are planting more and more fruit trees around the nation. As Jack Spirko said recently, ‘Plant a garden for yourself, plant a fruit tree for your children’. Fruit trees will take a few years to begin producing, but their yield …

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