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How to Plant a Cherry Tree Guild

Homesteaders, gardeners, and permaculturists alike are planting more and more fruit trees around the nation. As Jack Spirko said recently, ‘Plant a garden for yourself, plant a fruit tree for your children’. Fruit trees will take a few years to begin producing, but their yield …

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Crab Apple Juice Project

A big part of becoming more frugal along our path to freedom is making things at home and building things ourselves instead of buying them elsewhere. Today’s project was making juice from a friend’s crop of crab apples. The lowly crab apple is often not …

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Carolina Readiness Supply

This week I dropped in on Carolina Readiness Supply, located in Waynesville, North Carolina.  Carolina Readiness Supply (CRS) was founded by Bill and Jan Sterrett in May 2008, after the gravity of the economic situation of that time became clear to them.  At the time, Bill was just beginning to put food and supplies …

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