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The Danger of Focusing on the Disaster

A massive tsunami sweeps in to engulf a residential area after a powerful earthquake in NatoriIn my last article we discussed a little bit about the importance of thinking tactically.  There are multiple levels to this, as I mentioned previously.  But the ultimate question becomes, “What level should we focus on?”

From a day-to-day perspective, it is important to be constantly aware of your immediate surroundings, at least to some degree.  That way, you can counter any potential threat before it moves into a position of tactical advantage over you.  But the same is true from a larger perspective as well.  The problem for most people is that ,while they are used to focusing on the near threats, they often do not understand the danger posed by far threats.  From a military perspective, we call this the Strategic Level of thinking.  For our purposes, I am going to call it the danger of focusing on the disaster.

The Big Picture

Those who are attempting to reduce our freedoms are very good at creating enough static in our daily lives to distract us from what they are actually trying to do.  We are so worried about the economy, that we do not realize that this problem was being created over the last 20-50 years.  And while there is still some level of attention that needs to be given to it, there is really not much the average person can do at this point.  But, in the meantime, they are trying to pass international treaties that are going to make a huge impact on your personal freedoms 5-10 years from now, if they are not stopped.  But most people can’t see those dangers because of the disaster created previously.  Essentially, we are two steps behind.  But if we want to be movers in our culture, and everyone needs to be a mover at some level, we need to get ourselves two steps ahead.

The Strategy

Remember last time I mentioned that it doesn’t make that much difference if you store up food and ammo, if the situation is staged in such a way that you lose it all.  What I am really saying is that we have to have a big picture understanding of what is going on so that we are able to position ourselves to the greatest tactical advantage.  This will maximize the effectiveness of our preparations today.

It really doesn’t make much sense to say, when they are going door to door searching for guns and ammo, that you would resist with those same guns and ammo.  While I agree and would be right there with you, if we let it get to that point, our efforts will make little difference in the grand scheme of things; because we will be dead (even if you take a few of them with you) and your guns and ammo will be theirs, and your family will likely either be in the ground next to you or faced with functioning in that world without you.

It is a much better position to work to get ahead of the problem.  But, in order to do that, you must be able to think two steps ahead.  The better position to be in would be to have a county sheriff in office who will resist that kind of move.  And then have neighbors who would be on your side.  And organize and coordinate with them to assist one another if it ever comes to that…

Now I know that, right about now, many of your are saying, “Yeah, but…” with a million different excuses as to why none of that will work.  But let me give you this encouragement, we must stop cursing the darkness and start lighting candles.  I don’t pretend that any of my suggestions are easy.  I don’t pretend that they are going to happen tomorrow.  I do not pretend to have all the answers for your county, state, or personal situation; but, we must stop making excuses for why we can’t and start asking, “How could we make that happen here?”

If you would have told the liberals that, in a span of less than 30 years, they would take a professing Christian nation and accomplish 9 of the 10 planks of communism here without the people even knowing it was happening, most people would have told you that was impossible.  But that is exactly what they have done.

  1. Abolition of private property in land and application of rents of land to public use.  This is the property tax.  You can not truly own private land in America anymore.
  2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.  I don’t think this needs explaining.
  3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.  This is accomplished through the death taxes.
  4. Confiscation of property of all emigrants and rebels.  The recent targeting by the IRS of all those politically opposed to the current administration.
  5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank, with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.  The Federal Reserve System.
  6. Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the state.  Regulation and control of the internet and interstate system, as well as rail and ocean-going vessels.
  7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state.  The buying up of entire industries, or major players in major industries, like the “bail out” of GE or GM.  Not to mention the massive regulation of practically every industry, through such means as the Environmental Protection Agency.
  8. Equal obligation of all to work. T his one has been replaced with something even worse, the right to exist on the government’s dole.
  9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries.  Why do you think GMO are spreading like wild fire?
  10. Free education for all children in government schools.  This was accomplished long ago.

My point here is not to debate the merits or problems of each of these points, but to point out a very important truth.  To a very great extent, the mission has been accomplished and has pushed on at a good pace for well over a generation.

My fellow citizens, we must step back into the fight and adopt the same long term strategy.  We must stop giving a lot of time and energy for a very brief period of time and start giving a slow constant unrelenting push over the long haul.  We must stop focusing on the temporary disaster and start looking beyond today.  I am not saying to give all of our focus there.  I am not saying not to prepare for the future. I  am saying, stop being narrow-minded, and, if your current tactics are not working, then it is time we change tactics.

I hope that this broad picture has really helped to get you thinking from a bigger picture perspective.

Until next time, this is Joel Ryals helping sharpen your world…one concept at a time.

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