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There are two primary ways to support Brink of Freedom.

  1. Submit an article. We now allow for anonymous articles, giving you the freedom to speak your mind.
  2. Donate
  3. Other – If you believe you can support Brink of Freedom in any other way, please fill out the contact form below and let us know what you have in mind.

When you donate to Brink of Freedom you are not just throwing your money to someone, you are supporting goals. Brink of Freedom does not collect ad revenue or any other means of revenue other than donations from you.
Here are the goals we are looking for support with right now.

  1. Development of a much more robust article submission format. $2,000 needed to meet this one-time goal.
  2. Graphic Design. We need graphics for many different aspects of BOF including social media covers, video elements, badges, internal web graphics, swag graphics, and many more. $3,000 needed to meet this yearly goal.
  3. Web development. We are constantly working to make the BOF website a better experience for its users. One of these includes a tracking system that allows everybody to see how close we are to each goal and exactly where the money goes and how much goes to each goal. $5,000 needed to meet this yearly goal.
  4. Columnists. We would like to set up a program to pay are most dedicated writers. To do this we estimate a need of $6,000 for the first 12 months.
  5. Feed the staff. We currently run on an extremely tight budget. If we can get $1,000/month towards the employees it would be extremely helpful in keeping BOF going.

Contact Brink of Freedom

  • If your request involves​ a website please provide the URL.

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