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We Are Under Siege

I have been saying for many years now, we are headed towards a war on US soil.  I can feel it in my bones .  It has felt like my whole life was preparation for what I was born to do.  I know we are in a war.  All the signs point to the US and world governments deceiving the people and trying to kill the citizens who are “awake”.  In what can only be called a war for freedom or REVOLUTION.

We are under siege.  Siege is a military operation in which enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies, with the aim of compelling the surrender or destruction of those inside.  Siege on a national or world scale looks very different when the governments do it, as opposed to the military.  We are currently under Social Siege not military siege.  However, that may change at any moment.

The aspects of American life that are currently under social siege are:  Food, water, energy, environment, economy, human rights, morals, and human life.  We are watching the slow erosion, a siege on the social fabric of our nation and the whole world.

http://www.infowars.com/obamas-latest-executive-order-martial-law-confiscation-of-private-property-and-forced-labor/ New Obama slavery executive order.


Our food supply is set up for failure.  Current agriculture is dependent on chemical fertilizer.  Chemical fertilizer is dependent on phosphate rock.  The world has less than a ten-year reserve of phosphate rock left.  Coupled with GMOs, pesticides, severe drought, honey bees dying off, hormone injected meat, over-fishing, ocean pollution, MSG, food additives, and a complete lack of understanding of how to do things naturally.  The current American agricultural system, which feeds 1/3 of the world’s population, is doomed to fail. T he nails are all in the coffin; we just haven’t buried the damned box yet.

If you are unaware of this, I feel it is my duty to point you all to the Paleo diet.  Carbs are killing you!
Watch the film “The Perfect Human Diet”  http://www.perfecthumandiet.us/vod.html

Fluoride, chlorine, toxic waste, natural gas, bacteria, lead, PVC, drought, and bottled water.  Our access to fresh, clean water is depleting fast.  We are consuming hundreds of chemicals that are man-made and toxic to humans in our public water supply.  Those of us who are aware use heavy-duty water filters for drinking water.  If you are on a public supply PLEASE get yourself a good water filter.

I am an inventor.  I have decided not to use the US Patent.  Why?  The US Patent Office, and several other government agencies, have a 75 year track record of suppressing, seizing, or outright killing inventors of new sources of energy, farming advancements, and fuel-efficient motors.

I am not even going to get into oil, wind, solar, coal, natural gas, and nuclear.  All of which have been ether suppressed, economically manipulated, or are running out of viable sources of fuel.  Without energy, the American society as we know it will cease to exist.  Economy, environment, and energy are directly tied together.  They are so intertwined that one should not even differentiate between them.  When one is in trouble, all three are in trouble.  Currently, all three are failing!

Sunshine, wind, and plants are humans’ only true sources of renewable energy!

I want to make this clear right up front; I am not an environmentalist.  I am a conservationist.  We have a finite amount of resources on this planet; we need to use them properly.  That being said, we are killing ourselves and our planet with poorly planned and implemented energy, disposal, distribution, and consumption systems.  The nuclear disaster in Japan is one of thousands of serious issues we need to address.  ALERT! STOP EATING FISH FROM THE OCEANS!

Below is a chart of the radiation from that disaster spreading throughout the pacific ocean. It speaks for itself.


Below is a picture of the coast off Japan’s nuclear disaster. That is right, the water is BOILING!


The average pay of the American worker has not increased in over 40 years.  It is nearly impossible to live on minimum wage.  Inflation is getting way out of control.  The world banks owned by the world’s elite have a massive Ponzi scheme playing out.  This scheme is coming to an end and, when it does, the social fabric of this world will fall apart.


Human rights
The last 4 presidents have been more transparent with the world’s elite agenda than any before.  At this point in history, our government, and many others, kill indiscriminately worldwide.  Our president killed two American citizens on foreign soil publicly and we all said nothing.  Well, Ron Paul said something. http://www.ronpaul.com/2011-09-30/ron-paul-attacks-institutionalized-assassination-of-us-citizens/

Human rights worldwide are being stripped away.  Our right to protect ourselves from tyrannical governments is under attack.  If we lose our second amendment right, the world will fall under one government that will be ruled by the most evil of people to possibly walk the earth.  Fighting for our rights is a responsibility that each of us MUST take seriously.  Action is required!  You, the individual, must realize that if YOU lose your rights to your guns, the world will not be able to stand against the tyranny that is coming.  We are the last outpost of freedom.  You’re fighting for the world, not just your home.

Obama’s new attack on gun control.

Morals and human life
As our society degrades life, becomes cheap.  Morals are the fabric that keeps society from degrading.  Morals in every way are being degraded.  A recent interview with several hundred college students revealed a complete lack of moral integrity.  This is in part due to our educational system.  However, I personally believe it has more to do with the erosion, and systematic destruction, of the institution of marriage.  I am not talking about gay rights. I am talking about broken families.  If we want to solve race inequalities then we need to address the structures of families.  If we want people to be successful in life, it requires complete family units.  I am not saying you can not be successful in life with a broken family.  I am saying it makes it much easier to be successful in life with a whole family unit.

I haven’t even covered vaccines, cancer, the medical industry, government corruption, constitutional erosion, homeland security, drones, the NSA, trade agreements, the educational system, debt, fuel prices, and so on.

Now, I know not all of the information above is under the control of our government or the elites that want to rule the world; some of it is. A clear case for world domination and control can be easily made.  To dominate the world, you have to crush freedom.  That means you and me.

We have been under siege from the moment the FED and the IRS were signed into law on the same night.  The great depression followed.  Then World War II.  After WWII, we brought German scientists to the United States.  This operation was called “Project Paperclip”  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/4443934.stm
Project Paperclip has a very dark side.  The nice positive side was the space race and technology advancements.  The dark side was the social subversion, infiltration, and contamination of political organizations, churches, the food and water supply, and so on.  Soon after WWII, fluoride was introduced for human consumption.  This is directly related to Project Paperclip.  The highly destructive shepherding movement in the Christian church was a CIA operation still under Project Paperclip.  I know a pastor in the Seattle area who was recruited by the CIA and later wrote a book about it.

After the siege, comes the war.

My next article will cover the systematic approach our government is taking to prepare for war with you.

After an article full of gloom and doom please think on these positive and hopeful thoughts.  We out number them 100,000,000 to 1.  Our numbers grow daily.  We are the “We The People” that every government fears.  THEY FEAR US!



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  1. Freedom requires Self Reliance, without it we are all just a few meals away from submission if required to feed our families!
    Thanks for the info, it’s hard to read and disheartening to know that we’ve let it slip so far but… give me just 10 stout hearted men who’ll fight for their Rights they adore, give me just 10 stout hearted men and I’ll soon give you 10,000 more!

  2. 195 views and 1 “like” says volumes in itself, but I’m going to pretend I speak for the silent majority here. This is the kind of thing that belongs on someone’s personal blog, not an edited online magazine. Certainly not a magazine supporting a site that is oriented around building community and solutions. The types of people that join BOF are the types that are already well aware of the many reasons we worry, why we prep, and why liberty is of the utmost concern. While many of the problems listed are accurate, the author jumps straight into extreme, scare-mongering conclusions and assumptions as to what they mean. The “I can feel it in my bones” statement is provided in the opening summary as it were justification for everything that follows. Besides running through a litany of headline summaries, each followed by why it validates the author’s ‘the end is nigh” attitude, this provided nothing of substance. As a series opener, its clear he’s setting up everything to follow, which in turn will be reasons to put foxholes in your front yard, boxes of old military uniforms in your garage – to clothe the masses of the people that will, of course, rise up to join your militia when “the time is right” – and a bunch of drum-beating rhetoric, lacking any real value. Just like you can already find on a hundred other no-calorie blogs, just as devoid of inspiration. He is correct, we are under siege in a hundred ways, but for each there are literally dozens of possible outcomes and solutions that don’t necessarily involve war. The real siege this contributes to the most? Fear. Worry. Doubt. Concern. Paralysis. Inaction. If those mentalities win, we all lose. You keep your liberty by exercising it every day. You do THAT by living as free of dependence on unsustainable systems as you can, peeling them back layer by layer until you achieve real independence. And you participate in building solutions all the way to a bitter end or a glorious victory – not by raising war banners that are still on the far horizon – not until you have no other choice. As someone who served 8 years as an Army NCO in two conflicts, and is an active militia member, I can tell you a person of real military knowledge and experience knows a soldier’s duty starts years before the battle – to prevent the conflict, avoid the conflict, and to prepare a strategy to end the conflict as soon as it starts. That requires working from a viewpoint of seeking solutions, and ALWAYS towards the goal of winning the peace. You can’t do that by trying to convince everyone there’s no other possible future before open warfare ever starts. I will be among the very first to secure freedom’s beachheads if/when a conflict comes – I’m no pacifist. But this is the kind of disappointing drivel I’d expect to be parroted on Doomsday Preppers… sadly myopic.

    • You know what. Your right.
      I am new to this. I can do better.


      • Good for you Mark, humility is a virtue. Articles that have some proposed solutions, like your invention you are working on for private use to advance the well being of families around our country is amazing(with out giving it away). Plus, I don’t know that the above comments are totally justified, perhaps he doesn’t understand just how really bad it is, especially economically, nor may he know the severe impact this is having on the hugely increasing poor population, who are already in extreme crisis and are in desperation, barely able to feed their families, stuck where they are without the ability to even move to a better place, etc., with no prospects for their future on the horizon any time soon. Our economics really are on the brink of collapse/ Any one who has ever made and lived on a budget knows that.

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