Waking Up

Waking up to a new reality? How to deal with the shock and emotions.


“I was lost but now I am found. I was blind but now I see.”


Our world is changing rapidly. Every day new people are “waking up” to what is really going on. There are things that people are going to learn that will shake them to the core. The lies run so deep that, even today, after years of research and study, I am still shocked at the pure evil I find as I continue on my quest to know my enemy.


It is my goal to give people hope as they find out the truth of what is happening. These are my personal experiences, and what I believe is a positive way to deal with the truth of our harsh but beautiful world.


In mid 2007, my family and I bought a house. A massive home for my family of five and my mother-in-law. Money was easy, and work was plentiful. Then, in October, my wife and I lost a child.  By the month of December, work dried up. I was broke, and selling anything I could to pay the bills. By the end of January  2008, I was alone, getting divorced, homeless, and completely defeated. The housing bubble crash was the beginning of what I call my new life.


Like many, I lost nearly everything in the financial collapse. I just didn’t see it coming. I had my nose to the grindstone, and my head in the clouds. I believed in the American Dream. I firmly leaned my ladder on success, and by success I mean money, only to find that my ladder was leaning on imaginary principles. In my heart I knew this; but for some reason, I just went along for the ride.


When I look back at the years 2007 and 2008 they are, hands down, the hardest, most devastating, heart breaking years of my life. Change of this magnitude looks and feels like a violent assault. It leaves you confused, bruised, and angry. Yet change is necessary, or we die.


2008 was my new birth into reality. I set out to ensure that myself, and the ones I love, would never go through what had just happened, ever again. So I turned to the only source of honest news. The internet. Partly because I didn’t have a TV, and I could find free WiFi everywhere. With my newfound free time, I watched thousands of hours of videos and read everything I could find. I learned more in six months than I did over the last decade.


My “wake up moment” was early on in this process. I found Alex Jones and watched the over-the-top, yet surprisingly factual, documentary “The Obama Deception”. I watched it three times in one day. Each time, I went back to the internet to verify facts, and each time I came back stunned at what I was learning.


I was raised to be a patriot. Pre-2008 I would have given my life for my country. The day I watched The Obama Deception, I got down on my knees and repented of my allegiance to my country’s government.  I aligned myself with the people of this great land, and not the world elite who are trying to kill us. It was important for me to differentiate between the government that is now in power and the citizens of this great land. I will still give my life for the people, but this government will have to take my life. I do not belong to them, no matter what they may believe.


Emotionally, this process is like the grieving process. I was angry, anxious, and becoming depressed. It took me another few months to hit my stride. The keys to holding it together through this process are simple.


Turn off your TV.

The news is crap. The shows are mindless drivel. You are wasting your life entertaining yourself when you could be enriching your life. Do something for goodness sake.


Total Immersion.

One bit of information at a time will not help you. It is much better to spend a few months totally immersing yourself and absorbing all the information you can. This speeds the mind shift or paradigm shift significantly. If you do it one bit at a time over years, you will never be serious about learning what you need to know, and your wake-up will be more like waking from a coma with no muscles to move your body. If you immerse yourself, the drive to overcome will propel you to take action and give you momentum in the right direction.


Keep it factual as much as possible.

The things that are happening will drive you mad if you let them. What you learn will enrage you at times. Anger is going to be a part of this process. So will fear and panic. These are all natural human emotions and should be recognized; then, dealt with by seeking truth. Truth sets us free.


Keep it positive. 

You have to balance the beautiful in life with the ugly. If you continually dig into what’s wrong, you’re going to drive yourself into a negative slump. This causes all kinds of problems; it starts dragging your mind down the wrong path. If you continually focus on the negative, you will lose sight of the beauty and wonder life has to offer. You will drive people away with your negativity. You cannot wake people up coming from a negative mindset. People who are oblivious to what is going on will instantly label you as a crazy conspiracy theorist. To keep it positive while exposing yourself to the web of lies remember, it is an information war. We outnumber them 1,000,000 to 1. We are smart, inventive, motivated, armed, prepping, training, learning, and relentless. Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do. If money is an issue, learn the skills you can with what you have. I am a big supporter of what I call “YouTube University.” Great skills can be picked up anywhere for free.  I just read a great book on dumpster diving, a must have survival skill which costs nothing. My first time dumpster diving, I was blown away by what I found. Skills outweigh material goods 10 to 1, but there must always be a balance when prepping.


Wake up call. 

Wake up as many people as possible, and talk them through all of this. Have a list of documentaries and websites you can pass on. I talk to anyone and everyone. The greater our numbers become, the less likely they will be able to accomplish their goals. Again, this is an information war. They cannot stop word of mouth. Also, keep in mind these two facts when it comes to numbers: Only 6% of the population of the colonies fought or were active in the Revolutionary War. When Hitler took power, the Nazi party was less then 10% of the population of Germany. Critical mass is a lot smaller than people think it is.


Know your enemy. 

If you’re not convinced at this point in your life that there are powerful people who not only want to take your freedom, but your life, you are not digging deep enough. Once you get to this point, it’s easy. You treat it like you would any threat. Fight it in any way you can. If you’re reading this, you are the resistance.



We still have power. Serve on jury duty. Do not let the government on ANY level win against a citizen who has done nothing wrong. I will never allow some poor farmer to get screwed by the FDA for code compliance. No matter what instructions the judge gives, YOU make the difference. VOTE! Get involved. Run for office. Form community groups. Teach people skills. Save seeds, trade seeds. Buy guns. Give guns as gifts. If you have important books, share them. Start a garden, can some food, teach a kid to ride a bike, and so on. The point here is to get into action.


Take responsibility. 

Not only for yourself and your loved ones, but for your race. The human race. If you think something is wrong, then join the fight against it or just plain fix it. We have enough sideline, armchair fans. We need people in the game.


Set goals.

Setting goals and making a plan is one of the best ways you can get into the game. Start small and work on your consistency. Dream big. If you aim for the stars and hit the moon, that’s still a pretty good shot.


Manage your emotions with knowledge and action.

My very good friend is awake, but she was afraid of what is coming. So she took a Krav Maga class where their motto is “we do bad things to bad people”. Her whole worldview has changed.  She is learning to fight back, and by doing so, she has beaten her fear. She is no longer afraid.



To skip over spirituality would be a great disservice. Humans have faith. Faith brings hope. Whatever your faith is, use it.


How do I beat fear, anger, depression, and tyranny? 

I make the choice every day to do what I know is right. When I fail, I try again. I never give up. I help as many people as I can. I look out for my fellow man. I prepare for the worst, but I hope for the best. I learn every day. I read. I take care of my self. A much wiser man than me once said, ” It is good for people to eat, drink, and be merry.” You must enjoy your life. You must also recognize the seriousness of the time in human history we are in. We will see things in our lifetimes that previous humans could not fathom.


Is the world going to end tomorrow? NO. Life will change, and you will change with it. You are an amazing creation. You can adapt to almost anything.

About Mark Kirkwood

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Mark is a survivalist, teacher, builder, inventor and entrepreneur. Mark is known for his strong opinions and his relentless quest for truth and knowledge.

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  1. Very good summary of the process of awakening indeed!

    I have no problem with your premise at all, but I was really surprised to read a part of your conclusion that I can’t for my life understand why it’s in there, and I strongly reject it, namely that people should vote or run for office. This is about the most detrimental, destructive and evil act any one person can do.

    The participation in the spectacle of politics is also to give validity to it. By voting you say that you are okay with the collectivist idea that whoever wins this pathetic meaningless popularity-contests, have the right to rule you, bu means on the monopoly on violence. You and EVERYONE else, regardless of who they voted for, or if they voted or agree with being slaves under this insane system. The same goes for participating in the completely fraudulent mafia protection-racket called taxation.

    Democracy is just a finer word for mob-rule, and it has no place in a sane and free society.
    What any person actually awake would do, is reject statism and politics for the insane religion it is, and distance themselves from taking part in it in any way they can.

    I can recommend watching “Sunset of the state” by Stefan Molyneux, or read a wiki article about non-aggression.
    I would also recommend the documentaries “Hacking Democracy” and “Electile Dysfunction” to name a few.

    • Also a POA member.

      I strongly believe in voting. Here is my argument.

      I lived in a very small town. The run for Mayor of the town was decided by 1 vote. One vote can literally make the difference.

      Voting on local politics is far more important than at the national level. One specific reason to vote and get involved is to stop Agenda 21. The only way you can stop Agenda 21 is to reject it at the local level.

      I agree with you that democracy is mobacracy. HOWEVER; through awareness, a grass roots movement can, and has changed the course of our history. We have put men, not politicians, into office who faced off with the banking system and won.

      We can stop wars. We can change the laws.

      This system used to work. It is broken, over regulated, heavy with bureaucracy, and corrupt. However; if you live in a small town and you get involved, on that scale you can make a change. You can protect our freedom.

      Our Founding Fathers where much smarter and wiser then you and I. They did their best to give us freedom. Freedom requires participation. Freedom has a price.

      This system is broken. We are headed towards a civil war. The price for freedom must be paid for again with the blood, sweat, and tears of the people. There is no way around this. We have become weak and apathetic. We have lost our freedom. For those who wake up, they must face the reality that we are headed into a war.

      The more we fight back on the local level, the easier our transition will be.

    • Your thinking is the reason obummer got into office, sorry to say.

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