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The Changing Face of the Prepper Movement and Preparedness

Interestingly most group think movements and fads morph from some original concept to something else, as the paradigm matures or disintegrates. And it seems quite evident to me, that what many would call the prepper movement, is maturing and it is observable.  For a long while prepper’s have been stereotyped as fat guys hoarding beans and bullets, and some of that was true based on what seemed to be the common perception and more or less reality of the concept of prepping. But certainly not all. A lot of focus was on gathering stores of food and all manner of supplies to be assured you and your family could endure whatever impending crisis would come our way. And, of course, all manner of weapons, munitions, and militaristic methods and mechanisms were considered as necessities and absolutes. So the public view was, and still is to some degree, of mindless paranoids bent on some form of doom and gloom or apocalyptic outcome. Has anything changed in the overall concepts and realities or dynamics of the current prepper thinking? I think it has, and is in constant motion. So let’s analyze that concept a bit further.

For most of us that would consider ourselves preparedness types or preppers, the concept of “something is going to break” is obvious and perhaps quite likely. That is largely based on a sort of collective common sense or innate intuition from observation and gathering facts and real data. Those pesky things called facts and hard data always seem to get in the way of the control freaks and elitist’s and wreak havoc with their schemes they intend to force upon all of us. In our current society, I would say the preparedness types are largely the very people paying attention to those pesky facts. And they fully realize they are not at all whacked out or paranoid, but actually using good judgment and common sense. They are morphing from the few to the many and for good reason. In fact it would be hard to disprove there is a shortage of common sense within our governing bodies at any level. The evidence of ignorance, incompetence and overall lack of any good judgment is overwhelming from the elites and politicos. And these are the people that make decisions on our behalf? Fortunately there are a few who actually speak some truth like Trey Gowdy, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and a few others. But they are demonized and vilified for their efforts by the status quo elites and media. So let’s drill down a bit deeper yet on the new mindset.

Recently I have noticed many are realizing that their fitness and health are paramount to the idea of being prepared for some kind of emergency or disastrous situation that would change the face of everyday life here in what I call USSA, these days. I have also noticed many people are realizing that being prepared also means letting go of some of the material trinkets and niceties we have largely grown accustomed to, and thinking a bit differently about such things. Many are reassessing their debt obligations and realizing we really don’t need a lot of the  “stuff” we thought we needed, and we likely shunned some very important parts of our lives, by being debt slaves. It reminds me a lot of the 60s and 70s when there was a surge of “return to the land” kind of thinking and a sort of rebellion against the “establishment”. In many ways the hippies were quite right, but perhaps they got side tracked and too morphed into their own self destructive force? Drugs and alcohol seemed to have done in many from that generation and the free love thing certainly did a lot of damage. I remember the mindset quite clearly. Do your own thing! Whatever makes you feel good is quite right! Even if it destroys your family and harms your children. And a lot of that did happen for sure. The faddish thinking at the time was greatly reinforced by a culture of psychologist, psychiatrists and an army of “counselors” telling people to focus on their own needs/desires and all else was some kind of madness. Even if your self interest harmed other people.The I/Me generation was actually reinforced and enabled by the so-called professionals. So do whatever makes you feel good and all will be well? HA HA HA that did not work out so well . So now I see a lot of people realizing those fallacies and moving away from the materialistic world, but with good purpose and intent in a better direction. A more balanced and realistic endeavor in my opinion. And all of it has been caused by the necessity of current events that is actually forcing us all to stop and rethink the establishment and the elitist’s that run the show.  In many ways, we have all been forced through some psychological and emotional knotholes to come out the other side looking at everything with a different view and perspective. Many are moving to rural areas where they can establish a more self sufficient environment and a sort of homestead lifestyle and finding that to be quite pleasing and healthy in many ways.  Just slowing down and stepping outside of the rat race circle is very uplifting and there is a reason for that. It seems to be twofold. On one hand, that lifestyle requires a bit more physical work and effort, much of it outdoors. That, in and of itself, is very invigorating to mind and body. Simply slowing down a bit gives one a better grasp by having the time and frame of mind to actually think a bit clearer. Quite amazing hey? So all of a sudden there is an awakening and self realization that being a bit closer to a more natural order of events is a very good thing indeed. For many positive outcomes and reasons.


This thinking also generates a more self sufficient mindset on every level , not just generating your own food or raising some animals. The overall experience makes one consider all things in a broader and more realistic and down to earth manner. It brings a focus of health and overall wellbeing as a purpose and part of one’s life. It is also taking place in the suburban areas as well. This is what I talk about with the concept of our “Inner Powers”. Going inside and taking a look around and analyzing not only ourselves, but the world we live in, with all its parts and pieces. Then realizing and accepting that we can empower ourselves and help others just by our thinking and then acting! A sort of grand  assessment of all things relevant. It is a great realization that all is very much interconnected. Body, mind, spirit. That is what I see as the changes taking place in preparedness. An awareness is taking place and a mind set of empowerment, but in a very positive way, on a personal one on one level.

Of course the elites in DC and elsewhere will discourage such thinking and endeavors. Because this kind of independent thinking and actions go directly against any control mechanisms they envision and want to maintain. That is where the many illusions come into play. Of course, the illusions are intended to keep us all under their control and keep the status quo humming along and those tax dollars flowing in and absolutely under their control. When all is said and done, it is of course all about controlling each and every one of us. Pretty obvious Obamacare is one of the many illusions and simply a control mechanism. I see a sort of awakening taking place and I think most of it comes from the  preparedness type thinkers that have morphed in that direction. Simply by thinking. Perhaps some of it started as a form of fear, but now it is morphing into knowledge and understanding of how incompetent and corrupt the entire system actually is. So the thinking and reactions are changing. A combination of  people from many backgrounds and experiences have reached a sort of critical mass of intelligence and common sense and that is what is driving the direction of the movement and overall thinking process. It is becoming much more prevalent in our society and much more acceptable because people know something is very wrong in USSA and it is only a matter of time before something breaks. That day will NOT be a good day. In fact it is already underway, it just has not completely failed quite yet. The massive cyber dollar printing illusion has held it all together with 17 to 20 trillion of fake dollar cyber glue. It isn’t even all printed any longer just an electronic entry into a central bank! But how long can that be maintained? Interestingly, the Obamaites have actually been a positive force in this awakening in a perverted or reverse way. How you ask? The many extreme acts since 2007 have opened many peoples’ eyes to the corruption, malfeasance and outright illegal acts of our own government and our so-called leaders, and that has forced many of us to rethink the entire paradigm of USA and consider it all from a slightly different perspective. That is the knothole we were forced to go through. It has caused us all to look deeper at the root causes and get better informed on many issues. From the Federal reserve right down to every facet of government, taxation, waste, fraud, and cronyism. And not at all because we are overreacting or paranoid , but simply because we are thinking , simple as that! Actually looking at the facts, real data and events as they unfold and calling a spade a spade. Amazing , people actually thinking and then doing! So, in my opinion, the preparedness types are some of the smart guys in the room when all is said and done. They are already reaping their just rewards via their lifestyle and frame of mind. Now just how awesome is that? By simply looking at life a bit differently, recognizing the many illusions, and grasping their health and overall wellbeing, we are empowering ourselves in very positive ways. I say, good on ya and keep up the good work!

In closing, these thoughts, I do think it very prudent to have your bases covered but not overreact. It can and should be fun along the way! Keep in mind that there is an order to these events and I think it goes something like this. First our health and mindset is critical. Without our health, we cannot really think as well. And, in my view, a part of our health is fitness. I believe that some degree of fitness promotes a strong mind and overall well being. Simply by virtue of blood flowing to our brain and all body parts from some form of routine physical exertion. Also our organs are flushed with more blood and that results in a better overall function for numerous reasons. Next would be our thinking and spirit. These are also greatly affected by our overall health. After that, we get into skill sets and various other undertakings, like being mindful of having some supplies and stocks on hand. Of course, various forms of training and acquiring expertise. I think it is far more prudent to be prepared mentally and physically than just hoarding stuff, and here is my reasoning. You will enjoy the many benefits each and every day, no matter what happens, and all while headed in the right direction as well! So for me it all goes hand in hand and we each have to find our own balance with these events. Pretty simple stuff as I see it. There is no need to live in fear or anxiety. We can simply understand the many illusions that create such angst in our lives and therefore avoid and circumvent most of it. It really is all about how we think and then take actions in our lives. Also consider that these changing mindsets will bring in many more people to this thinking dynamic of “back to basics” and health empowerment. So I am certain we are headed in a good and healthy direction. I like the changing mindset and hope to be part of that improvement going forward by helping people understand the many illusions we all live in and simply understanding ourselves on a deeper level. I think that is where it all lies, within ourselves. As I say on my site, “life is a dream of sorts and you get to mold that dream, so choose your dreams wisely!”  Good luck to all, in all of your endeavors. My next piece will be on what many call our health care system and how to basically avoid it, with zero repercussions and excellent health and almost completely for free!

So just how is that we learn all things

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Steve Baze operates a website dedicated to helping people understand and avoid the many illusions we all live under in this country and the world in general. He has an extensive background in business and athletic endeavors as well as being trained in economics and markets. He is currently very much involved in Fitness , Health and Healing by ones own "INNER POWERS" and is interested in helping people utilize those Powers. Steve is also an RVN veteran. He has extensive experience in firearms and self defense and shares all of his many experiences. He is an avid hiker and training enthusiast. He is very well versed in water filtration and purification from a professional perspective of building municipal water treatment facilities and systems from the ground up. He also sells Coconut Charcoal water filtration and purification kits and supplies for many other uses and purposes. He can be reached at www.downtoearthprepper.com

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  1. I have been thinking many of the same thoughts, glad somebody put it in writing. This brought my thoughts into a clearer focus. Your site is great , I am motivated thanks , James

  2. Profile photo of Steve Baze

    Glad you enjoyed it James and Good on Ya ! Hope you found some helpful stuff. Thanks for your comment .

  3. really good article more people need to look at things and think about there life

  4. Profile photo of Steve Baze

    Hope you gleaned something helpful or insightful JJR ? Many are aware and many more are awakening to their powers ! Realizing the illusions is usually pretty eye opening or an “ah ha moment” that is empowering. I am just trying to bring it all into focus for folks and side step a lot of redundancy and fears. We all have those Inner Powers, we just have to choose to use them ! and let go of the illusions. So is Obamacare an illusion ? Good on Ya !

  5. Excellent piece, Steve, and it very much mirrors my thoughts about how the prepper movement is morphing and evolving. As I delve more into this topic, I’m beginning to see a growing synthesis in what has traditionally been defined as the “left-right” paradigm. I increasingly find similarities between what I’m hearing/reading from the ‘far right’ and the ‘far left’. Granted, there are loonies in both those camps, but there are also alot of rational, intelligent and passionate individuals voicing concerns about big government, big corporate, big ag, big pharma, big military, etc., etc. While in the past ‘the left’ has been associated with big government and socialistic policies, I believe there is a growing realization within that camp that government isn’t our friend, can’t solve many (maybe most) of our current problems and provides a poor model of how we’ll evolve as a society. I have friends who would describe themselves as “old hippies” as well as libertarians who come from a far different background. I honestly think both can play nicely in the sandbox together. I also hear what you’re saying about our thoughts creating and molding our reality. Coming from a Science of Mind background, this also resonates strongly with me. Look forward to reading more articles by you.

  6. Profile photo of Steve Baze

    Thanks for your in depth commentary JD. You must have read my site or are of the same mindset in general ? I suppose I could be called a sort of capitalist “modified” hippy these days HA HA HA ! Or perhaps a sort of libertarian who is big on the liberty part. I agree we can all play in the same sand box and should. You may have noticed I think nearly all the plutocrats in DC and elsewhere are some form of criminals by their actions not their words. They represent themselves largely and not us who put them there. No question we must unite in the common goal of liberty ,free markets, real fiscal accountability and much smaller government on every level. To me it is all just common sense and we don’t see much of that from our so-called leaders on either side these days. I am NOT a republican per se even though I have mentioned names like Cruz, R Paul, T Gowdy, and Dr Ben Carson. In the past I have given money to both parties, but neither are deserving of anything except a spanking IMO.The reps burned me some years back and I am now all about what makes sense and willing to call out the reps and dems for their sins ! The dems have simply gotten into lockstep with Obama and have greatly damaged themselves. Which IMO shows how absurd the party line thinking can get. So I am all about what is good for the country and people and little else. If you did not go to the site please do and give me your 2 cents worth. I really am wanting to reach some folks with rational common sense dialogue and simply the truth and facts as they exist before us. I am NOT afraid to speak what I see as the truth. I do have conservative leanings but that is not necessarily republicans ? I would not call what I am seeing from the reps conservative thinking or acting? Break down the word conservative to conserve-a tive. Not much conserving going on any where from where I sit ? I have well paid any dues necessary, so chime in. Thanks again for you comments and Good on Ya !

  7. Profile photo of Steve Baze

    By the way JD, I am all for reinstating spankings ! in the popular culture for bad acts ……………….worked for me when I was a numbskull. Besides that I think kids need to know what boundaries are all about. A spanking never hurt anybody and may have done a lot of good ? We have gone way too far in some areas and besides, the government at any level has no business interjecting on such affairs of people. Just saying .

  8. Excellent article, Steve – you covered many of the things we’ve discussed on the phone over the past several months. And, as one who lived in the 1960s – like yourself, I remember well, the “do your own thing…” mentality of the Liberal Hippie movement – unfortunately, those Hippies, have grown-up, and are now our leaders, and I use that term loosely, too.

    The Liberals in DC are certainly afraid of folks who are Preppers, because we don’t depend on the FedGov to take care of us – we take our own security in life, into our own hands. The FedGov fears us because we don’t need them caring for us, from cradle to grave, like so many bleeding heart Liberals do – the welfare cheats…those who have never worked a day in their lives.

    Anyone who doesn’t see the writing on the wall, is a total fool these days. Our country can’t continue down the road it is on – the road to ruin. When the collapse comes, it will be Preppers, who survive it all…thanks for a great article, Steve!

  9. Profile photo of Steve Baze

    Coming from you Pat, a real writer, I consider that a total compliment. And I greatly appreciate all your guidance and help.
    No doubt many of those hippy or liberal thinkers are now in gov or corporate entities, but a lot of so-called conservatives have also short changed all of us. Don’t forget when Hank Paulson got up in front of congress and the nation and insisted that we must do the first bailout for AIG or we would all perish ? He set the stage for the Obamaites to put it all on steroids and of course they did. And Hank was a die hard republican. The truth was simply that he was making sure that Goldman Sachs got all their money out of AIG and of course the taxpayers would be on the hook for that scam ! He even asked for and got a sort of exemption from congress for future prosecution, because he knew he was dancing on thin ice ? And of course he was a Goldman alumni just like Timmy Geithner who was the next secretary of treasury? Does any of this shout malfeasance ? So the reps have committed their own sins as well ! Not to mention the spineless lack of gonads by Boehner in recent times and the major vilification of the few that speak any truth like R Paul and a few others. So IMO there is plenty of fault to go around. We must descend on DC and demand accountability from all of them, there is no choice really.
    I definitely think the prepper/preparedness thinking is morphing into an intelligent state not dominated by fear alone and that is likely a very good thing. Thanks for your insightful comment Pat.

  10. Good read steve this is a good article

  11. Profile photo of Steve Baze

    Well JR looks like your dad must have mentioned it to you ? Just kidding. Thanks for the comment and hope your Dad gets better. Been waiting on him for awhile. Appreciate your thoughts. I have certainly noticed a lot more younger people in their 20s-30s waking up to all the illusions and control mechanisms. I get those comments and feedback all the time and more frequently lately. Actually very encouraging. Also a lot of libertarian kind of thinking concepts going on as more and more realiize both Ds and Rs are basically the same screwing , just a different flavor ?

  12. Good article.

    Unfortunately, I don’t see many people seeing through the illusions. In fact, it seems to me that most people have an inkling of how the sausage is made, and so intentionally look the other way and find ways to distract themselves, that they may keep living in ignorant bliss.

    The other thing is, when people do start to question things, and look deeper into things, they’re often met by people, websites, organizations, etc. who will accept any and all conspiracy theories they come across, with very little thought or consideration. So they get turned off by those people, and then lump anyone that questions anything, in the same group as the others. And it’s frustrating to see people actually start to question things, only to be knocked back in line by people that don’t question conspiracy theories. Questioning needs to go both ways.

  13. Profile photo of Steve Baze

    I completely agree with your comment Brandon. You are very perceptive and quite correct. But it is a process and it takes time. I have noticed a definite change in mindsets and largely from younger people 20s-30s. I have numerous friends in that age group and I see this developing at an ever greater pace. So I do see many seeing thru the illusions but many more need to and will. Fortunately for me I am the guy they seem to come to and talk to about such things so its good ! I just had this very discussion tonite in my office with a 29 year old self employed guy I have been mentoring a bit and it involved 5 other people. So just as this garbage has taken a long while to get where it is, it will take some time to unwind. I al;so agree on the amny diversions and foolishness out there to distract weak minds. Although many outlier events can and IMO likely will speed up the process. So I do not think it is only regulated by time , but events and circumstances and there are always many unforeseen circumstances and what I call outlier events. The supposed order of things as we normally perceive it, is the biggest illusion of all. From your comments I imagine you are fully aware of that and how PRAVDA creates and maintains the many illusions we all live under . Kinda weird hey, almost like the matrix but very real indeed ! So is our supposed journalism or MSM any different than PRAVDA of the Soviet state circa 1960s-70s? What haven’t they covered up and hidden ? How many lies and deceit from all ? Is it any different than the politburo of the state ? Not a bit as I see it. I am really glad that you grasp it all and Good on Ya . Very important stuff so spread the word and and cruise over to my site for more in depth rabbit holes…………… Just curios Brandon, what is your age if you don’t mind saying? Thanks Steve Baze

  14. I’m glad to hear that you’re seeing more and more people have a change in mindset, even if I’m not. And I think you’re right, events can accelerate the process. This NSA spying scandal, while very bad for our country, has really opened up a lot of people’s eyes. Hopefully many people will start to question things, and not just get angry for a little while, and then forget about it and go back to life as normal, as we humans are prone to do.

    I just took a quick look at your site, Steve, and it looks interesting! I’ll check it out in a bit more depth, later today.

    I’m 40, though I don’t feel anywhere near 40 (which is a good and a bad thing).

  15. Profile photo of Steve Baze

    Brandon , I fully understand your angst, frustration and or disappointment with it all, in the many who seem clueless to what is obvious. No question we see all manner of craziness in gov policies, malfeasance and even criminal acts everyday. Benghazi would be a glaring example or F&F, there are many more these days ? Believe me many people out there share your thoughts and frustration as they watch the republic become more and more dominated by so-called leaders that in fact side step and or manipulate our laws for political gain or perhaps monetary gain as well. But I have observed this all very closely and people are waking up, perhaps not as fast as you or I might like or think necessary, but it is happening more and more. So don’t get bogged down in other peoples ignorance. The reason is simple ? People are easily fooled and it takes a little effort to look beyond what you are told. The TPTB know that and of course use it to their advantage via PRAVDA and the illusions they create and force feed to the masses. Some how you saw thru it all so you know others can and will realize that the lies and distortion can only be maintained for so long and that is determined by people like you and me. WHY ? Because we will show others just how badly they are getting hosed and no question they do get it as more and more extreme circumstances come to the surface for all to see. Then a light comes on and somebody says Hey , Brandon was right , this is bullshit ! It always happens when those somebodies get directly affected by the bad acts and I can assure you we will see much more of that with Obamacare and numerous other horrific polices that will continue to fall apart and affect many people. The real unemployment numbers and the near complete loss of our industrial manufacturing base are a huge factor of people becoming totally disenfranchised with what was once USA ? Those are the people I have been watching and gathering stats. But I have had numerous people make comments on how they now see thru it like never before and fully realize all the garbage. And many are young. Of course it all concerns me, but I am not deterred to keep abreast of the maniacs dealings to some degree. IMO the only way we will ever change anything is to be well informed and know what you are talking about. How else could you even know what was being perpetrated on you and your family ? So I will not bury my head in the sand or ignore any of it, but I also will not be consumed or fret on any of it either. Being well informed so you can take necessary action does not require any form of being consumed or fear. Understanding eliminates fear. I hope you can glean some positives from my site as far as information and mindset are concerned, I imagine you will. There are some excellent resources there for gathering your own data. Hang in there and don’t let other peoples stupid affect what you know to be true. Just understand it all and go live. Maybe get fit or fitter!

    The only reason I ask your age was my own information. I actually guessed you to be about 40 or younger ! You are in prime time my friend and can stay there for many years, so take care of yourself and be prepared for anything with a smile and glad heart. In all honesty I wish when I was 40, that I knew what I know now ? there is some fuel for thought. BY the way every age is a good thing and a bad thing so focus on the good thing ! Thanks for your follow up. Good on ya………….

  16. “we have all been forced through some psychological and emotional knotholes to come out the other side looking at everything with a different view and perspective.” spot on. Lots of interesting thoughts. It is morphing and it is observable. Good read .

  17. Thanks for your comments Monica. All true enough and more rabbit holes to go down ? Likely some good and some not so much ! Good on Ya …………..

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