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Who Are We And What Do We Stand For?

Who are we and what do we stand for?

Over the last few weeks I have been privileged to be a part of something I have found simply amazing.  A well-known web-news source and activist, Storm Clouds Gathering https://www.facebook.com/StormCloudsGathering, came up with a revolutionary idea for Facebook users.


It is called a Friend Bomb.  The purpose of the Friend Bomb is to connect with as many like-minded people as you can. To grow a network large enough to catch exposure to news at a local level from around the world.  To be a part of a Friend Bomb all one has to do is post on any link that says Friend Bomb and say “Add Me”. I always add “please” to my add me, but that is just my blessed mother’s voice in my head telling me to play nice and be polite. The other rule is, you have to accept all incoming friend requests.  Once you have friended people, you then view their page and decide to keep them or unfriend.

Through this process, my personal network of like-minded people has grown from about 400 to 2,500 in two weeks. Now, I would like to say that my first 400 are friends and family from my previous life who are not all “awake” and think of me as a conspiracy junky. However, the new 2,100 friends are by and large mostly awake and very active. I am receiving new friend requests from around the world through a network of amazing people who are different in every way, except the fact that they are awake. Which brings me to the title of my article. Who are we?

As an American I was raised to honor our country. I still do. I have just made a distinction between the Government and the People of our country.  In this, our nation is divided. But the division doesn’t stop there. Race, political stance, religion, media, and awareness are dividing us. Those who are aware, do their best to wake up those who watch the TV for their news. By the way, if you watch TV for your news you need to stop. Last time I watched the news on TV, I found 23 lies in half an hour. Total blatant lies. A court ruling a few years back made it legal for the news to lie. Let that sink in. The only honest source of news now is local news, and what you find on the internet. This is one of the major reasons Americans are divided.

CNN labels the Tea Party as old conservative racists.


Fox labels the Occupy Movement as liberal cry baby punk kids.


All of news label Anonymous as terrorists.


And very, very few will even touch the Oath Keepers movement because it is made up of the most legitimate, honored people.


But every one of the groups I just mentioned have the same goals. Sure, they differ in a few ways, but by and large they are the same goals.


This is my cry now. People, do not let the government and the media divide us!

So, I have something to say to the Oath Keepers. You have the most legitimacy of all of these groups. Anonymous and Occupy have by far the most numbers. Oath Keepers need to speak up and stand behind ALL of these groups.  The guys with the training and the guns, “Oath Keepers”, need the People standing behind them, “Anonymous and Occupy”. Are we going to see eye to eye on everything? NOPE! Does it matter? NOPE!

Oath Keepers. You have a responsibility to the people. Police from around the United States are killing unarmed people every day. Over 600 unarmed citizens have been killed by police in the last year.  LET THAT SINK IN!  Anonymous and Occupy have been at the brutal end of the thin blue line. If you are an Oath keeper, you are a true hero. We recognize that you are facing extraordinary odds. We honor you for taking a stand. Tell Occupy and Anonymous publicly, that there are good police and good military out there who understand that freedom takes all kinds of people and actions to stay alive. Tell them you will protect them! YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP! Another thing my mother said ALL the time is ” There are only two sources of power on this planet: light and darkness. There is no room for grey areas.” So you’re either all in, or you’re all out.

Anonymous and Occupy. You need to recognize that there are law enforcement and military that are on your side. NOT ALL COPS ARE BAD!  Oath Keepers are on OUR SIDE!  Now let’s all make it public. Let us kill the division between the groups and bring about a new American Revolution, in thought and in action.

When America fights the next revolution, I will not care if the woman next to me in the trenches is a liberal or a conservative. I will not care what her background is. And yes people, in this next one there will be as many women as men. Which I like. Women typically have better aim then men.

Who are we? We are Humans first, Americans second, and Legion worldwide. You cannot stop us. You cannot keep us down. We have risen, and are awake. Let the war for freedom continue every day of our lives.

I am not a big fan of Facebook, but there is no other medium like it. Let’s grow Brink of Freedom and bring in all of the camps. Not just the Preppers, but the ones who need to learn from the Preppers.

Oh, and” Add me please”. https://www.facebook.com/MrMDK I accept all friend requests and look forward to hearing your voice.


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Mark is a survivalist, teacher, builder, inventor and entrepreneur. Mark is known for his strong opinions and his relentless quest for truth and knowledge.

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  1. Profile photo of Curt Linville

    Mark, don’t go looking for a revolution, brother. Pray for a peaceful resolution to this mess. War really is hell. It sounds all exciting and romantic and fascinating. But I pray my kids will never see a war ravaged land here in America. We often find what we seek. Pray for peace, America. Pray for peace.

  2. Profile photo of Steve Baze

    The revolution is in our minds, our thinking ! Of course nobody wants any kind of actual real conflict, but it may not be completely impossible to avoid if things unfold out of our control ?

    Lots of good comments Mark, but I think we are already divided and quite deliberately. That is a very big problem with no easy answer. You mention many good groups. I cannot friend you because I have a business acct and no ability to do so but feel free to friend me and I will post something off your page and you can then comment on my page. Good on Ya !

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