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The Government Challenge

This is part 2 in the series on challenges of our days and solutions.  In part 1, The Corporate America Challenge, we discussed the challenges that corporate America presents to our society and some straight forward solutions that “We the People” can implement.  In this articlewe will look into some of the more obtuse challenges we face from our Government and we will explore some basis for real solutions that we the people can implement for real change.

There may not be a more talked about subject in the media today than this one.  We constantly hear the banter, hyperbole, and whitewash presented regarding problems with our government and all the wonderful solutions proposed by our leaders.  Clearly, this subject is too vast to wrap up in a single article or a hundred articles.  But perhaps this commentary will plant some seeds; present some basis for thought and discussion that will help us to step back and consider reasonable things that can be done to make a difference.

I will not pretend to have all the solutions to our government challenges.  But I will propose that real, effective, and lasting solutions really do exist.  These solutions may not always be easy.  But they can be truly effective.  Where do we find such real change solutions?  They exist in the simple, heartfelt realms where wrong and right, integrity, and sensibility reign.

Remember the book, Everything I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten?  In this book, Robert Fulghum takes the reader through a delightful series of essays on common thought; simple ideas that are paramount to getting along, enjoying life, and living well.  Mr. Fulghum did not provide explicit solutions in the book, but he appeals to what it means to be human and to be part of a world much bigger than our individual selves.  I believe that he was on to something powerful.  The answers are far simpler than the problems.  When we strip away all the debates, the rhetoric, the party jockeying for supremacy, and just look at our government problems with simplicity and honesty, there exist real and practical solutions that just make sense.

I have been accused of being a utopian idealist.  My friends remind me that the vices of human nature—greed for money and power—foil the attempts of the dreamers.  Could the solutions really be simple?  Will that simplicity work when confronted with villainy?

Nothing except for the simplest of solutions will ever be truly effective.  If a solution is not very simple, then it will most always lead to bigger problems given time.  Come with me.  Let’s put a lid on Pandora’s box.  Let’s explore a couple simple concepts that lead to simple solutions.


#1 Representative government has been compromised.

Our republic stood as a beacon of hope to humanity for centuries.  People from all lands, tribes and tongues journeyed to the land of the free and the home of the brave to be a part of the great American beacon of opportunity.  Reasonable people understood that liberty provided the greatest avenue toward chasing their dreams.  People wanted to live in a land free of tyranny where they could own land, raise their families without oppression, and elect like-minded folks to serve (yes, as in servant and not ruler) to protect these liberties.  The great United States of America had created the best system of governance the world had ever seen for maintaining individual freedom and opportunity.

Why do I speak in past tense?  Throughout history, there have been those who believe they are not like the rest of humanity.  They had been taught that there exist a few people like them and then all the lesser others.  This mentality, put into practice, led to the feudal systems of Europe, for example, as well as hundreds of similar social structures in cultures all around the planet.  Those who operate according to these ideas have found ways to rule over others throughout history regardless of the type of government in place.  The United States system of government was architected to keep this oligarchy at bay.  And it did so fairly successfully for much of its history.

But it seems that true representation has been replaced by a behind-the-scenes vetting process conducted by both major political parties to assure that few come to power who are not supporters of the oligarchy.  Lobbying, the high cost of political campaigns, and career politicians who serve the oligarchy rather than the people complete the compromise of representative government.

But “We the People” can quit depending on big government by creating the types of businesses and jobs described in part 1, The Corporate America Challenge.  We can begin to care for each other and support each other through local organizations.  By doing business locally, creating jobs, eliminating the need for federal programs assisting the under- or non-employed, we win back liberty.  And perhaps more importantly, we give back the rewarding sense of responsibility that makes communities strong.  People who are struggling now under the inadequate federal system will begin to grow the seeds of hope.

“We the People” can also vote for individuals rather than parties.  We can promote grass-roots change that breaks the yoke.  We can participate in local government at the city and county levels and, in time, start making impacts at the state level.

“We the People” can even create alternatives to some of the federal social programs in ways that empower people toward self-reliance and self-respect.  “We the People” can become strong again and in so doing, we will make the nation stronger.  We can restore the land of the free and the home of the brave.  All we need do is start.  Get involved.  Do local business.  Get to know your community.  Be a part of the new grass-roots economies!  In so doing, you will bless your community and our nation.


#2 The left verses right paradigm is.

It is true that the “left” and the “right” adopt different political platforms.  It is true that we all identify more or less with one side or the other.  But this polarization of political, social, religious, and economic viewpoints traps us into thinking that there are only two options:  the left or the right.  This is NOT TRUE.  And I would argue that the most effective answers to the challenges we face in our communities, states, and nation are NOT EVEN ON THE LEFT/RIGHT CONTINUUM.

If we swallow the lie that we have only two options, then we will continue to vote for, rely on, and support one of the two camps.  That is a very effective system for the two camps.  It is also an effective system for the oligarchy.  After all, they purposefully support BOTH camps.  Interesting, isn’t it, when one takes the time to consider the ramifications of this….

“We the People” have a very diverse collection of viewpoints.  No two people agree completely on any belief.  We should not be divided into two camps.  We should not live under the threat of the wrong camp taking charge.  We should be generous enough to allow people the personal liberty to seek truth on their own terms as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others to do the same.  By obeying this simple rule, we can then encourage each other to share ideas in love and in unity.  We cannot all be right.  But we do not all need to be right.  As we grow in the strength of friendship and community, we will be better equipped to understand each other and make wise community decisions that benefit all of us.  This provides greater opportunity for all of us to grow in wisdom and truth.

“We the People” do not need to be left or right.  We can instead reflect the full spectrum of human potential and convictions and from this practice of creativity and reflection, great new ideas will be born that can grow into life-giving solutions to major social problems.

Listen, I have strong convictions about what is right and what is wrong.  I also believe that truth cannot consist of multiple conflicting ideas.  But I know that I am not the keeper of all truth.  I know that I am growing and learning and being corrected as a part of my journey toward greater understanding.  I also respect the rights of others to do the same.  Divided we fall.  Can’t we agree to disagree and embrace the true liberty to think for ourselves and give others the respect to listen to their ideas too!

There are not two camps.  There are thousands.  And value can be found in the majority of them.  Life is not binary.  Humans are not binary.  Politics can NEVER BE BINARY.  We must wake up to this reality and start behaving accordingly.  Otherwise, we will lose our nation.  It is as simple as that.


As a nation we cannot continue on our present course.  We are living now on borrowed time.  We must do what we can now to grow strong communities of competent people who are not dependent on the oligarchy.  I did not present a single solution to a single federal program in this post.  But I did present a couple of ways of understanding our times that can give birth to thousands of simple solutions.  I have ideas about how to fix deficit spending, the national economic threats, the Social Security problems, illegal immigration, the failures of our healthcare system, poverty, destruction of the environment, world hunger, and even tyranny.  But I purposely did not discuss those here.  To solve these problems we must first understand where we are today and what is really getting in the way of resolving these issues.  Yes, there are other root causes and blockades to real change.  But “We the People” can begin today to create real change right here, right now, right where we are.  We can shape real change in our families, neighborhoods, communities, cities, counties and beyond.

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The author, Curt Linville, is co-owner of 180 Tack, LLC (www.180tack.com), the manufacturer of innovative, sustainable outdoors products for use in the wilds or at home in times of emergencies. He is also an avid outdoorsman who has been practicing survival skills in the Colorado Rockies for over 25 years in all seasons and conditions. Curt lives and learns at 8,600 feet in the mountains of Colorado with his wife and four children.

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  1. We Americans like to think that we have the perfect form of Democracy. It is a good one but not a perfect one.

    One of those imperfections has led to the problem that is the theme of your article, namely “two party system.” Most of elections in the US are won with a plurality of the votes not a majority. This means that it is possible for a minority of voters can gain power if the “opposition” is divided. Bill Clinton likely won over GHW Bush because of Ross Perot and GW Bush likely won over Al Gore because of Ralph Nader.

    I know that you purposefully did not propose any policy changes in your article but I will. Several methods exist to lessen the plurality-rules problem. We should push for the adoption of one of them. (There is nothing in the US Constitution mandating how elections are run.)

    The other big problem is the huge amount of money in politics. This has been made much worse with the recent Citizen’s United decision. To get money out of politics we must remove the Supreme Court’s ability to declare money as speech and that corporations are people by constructional amendment.

  2. It really baffles me that after eons of despicable, violent state coercion, wars (murder) taxation (blatant theft in some cases, but brutal extortion in most…), incarcerations (kidnapping), even seriously involved survivalist voluntaryist people still talk about this horrific machinery of human enslavement, as something any decent human being has any ability what so ever to change or modify for the better.

    America is currently viewed internationally as the pleague and scum of the planet. We europeans in particular are very aware that the entire political sphere of USA is pretty much to the letter, following the pattern of Nazi-germany, from democratically elect an insane fascist dictator, numerous false-flag operations, dsitort all public media through censorship and propaganda, removing peoples rights, left and right, to building ever more prisons, camps, paramilitary police forces who are less and less caring about things like human decency. The difference between homeland security, TSA, NSA, and the german Stazi is non-existing.

    I could go on and on about how utterly indoctrinated into state-worship Americans in general are, and how much most of the rest of the world suffer from it. But I should hope that by now at least the brighter part of the US population has awoken to such facts by now…

    My point here is not to bash Americans, most of you are decent folks, just like everywhere else, but to point out that the insane illusion of “democracy” has since long been invalid in most of the western world, and in particular of cource, the US.

    I therefore urge people to abandon their insane religion, superstition and illusion about “political change”, as it is as utterly ridiculous a concept as it would be to ask the catholic church to please be more rational and less religiolous.

    Politics in all forms are nothing but insulting to the intelligence of anyone with a fairly rational mind. To subject one-self to the detrimental thought-patterns of violence and collectivism has never ever generated a result on the net positive side of the scale of social good.

    Do NOT participate in those theatrics, you can ONLY empower them control-freak parasites to the detriment of your own safety, heath and general quality of life. And everybody elses too.

    So if you are someone who chose not to participate in wars to promote peace, who do not work as a butcher to promote veganism from within, or who avoid sending their kids to indoctrination centers for the better part of their youth to promote home-schooling, why on EARTH do you imagine you can do any good by participating in the biggest evil ever showed down the throats of man-kind?

    “We the people” is a term the author seems to have some emotional attachment to, and he fears that (you “Americans”) will “loose the nation”…. as if nationalism in ANY way, shape or form is something to strive for. As if imaginary borders held any kind of value as to the development of humanity, peace and prosperity.

    To a non-American, this sense of Americas greatness takes on almost ludicrous proportions, as you top the lists of incarceration, illiteracy, warmongering, torture (!!!!), obesity and other forms of just plain decadence and indecency.

    Again, I am not out to bash anyone regardless of “nationality”, since my rational mind tells me there is absolutely nothing that differs people due to some arbitrary pen-strokes on a map from a distant history, rather I hope to inspire Americans in particular to get out of their religious dogmatic emotional attachment with the “USA” you think so highly of, that most of the planets population has a utterly negative view of. To let go of the irrationality called politics, to embrace rational thinking, universal decency, empathy, and most of all, a defiance and dis-contempt for ANYONE claiming the right to rule you, tax you or take your guns. (-at least you still got some means left to defend yourself, Hitler and other paranoid psychos in Europe and elsewhere, was just slightly faster than Obomba in this strive to disarm and thereby definitely enslave his subjects.)

    So the next time you hear some dim-whit say that “you have to vote” or things along that line, YOU ought to loudly proclaim that “Thanks, but I DO NOT participate in evil, thank you very much.”

    Statism and politics should, and need, to be ignored out of its existence, just as we done with so many other bad forms of organizing society in the past.

    Freedom does NOT come from politics.

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