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  • The Urban Guerrilla
    “Hops, it is from more than just BEER”
    By Michael Jordan
    A.K.A: Freyr MOJ, the Crimson JUGGERNAUT

    Hops, world renowned for the use in beer, is making a big comeback for gardens and […]

  • The drink of the GOD’s. A drink that can be served warm or cold, sweet that has a little bite, simple to make, but complex to perfect MEAD! I am speaking from experience!

    I got into beekeeping from this m […]

    • Paleo and gluten free? I am going to try making it very soon! Great article!

    • Nice. A couple of years ago I tried some wine from simply local fruit and it turned out very pleasant. All the bottles are gone? I just wanted to see how easy or difficult making wine is and it was actually very simple. I suppose one could get much more involved go in many directions. I did add a source of yeast. I will have to try this as soon as I get some bees ! I have a herd now , but they are just visitors and collecting pollen. So we shall see ? Intersting stuff.

  • How to Get Rid of Bees is a question I get a lot. My company, filmed by the Discovery Channel doing a bee removal shown above, and I have tackled a lot of bees, all kinds of bees, to move them either safely to a […]

  • Keeping Honey Bees for Survival
    Part 3
    Getting Your Bees
    Now that you have your protective gear, a hive for the bees, and a book to reference, you are ready for the bees. There are nearly 20,000 species of […]

  • Part 2
    How to Get Started
    Now that I have told you some of the many the benefits of having bees, I am going to tell you the basic style of beekeeping and some cheap ways to keep bees. Again, my focus is on […]

    • Michael, what type of bee would you recommend for someone with a small backyard garden/homestead say 50’x50′ yard. I live in an older neighborhood in an urban area and have a 6′ privacy fence, and have been considering getting some bees. My concerns are that I don’t really want to inadvertently myself or my neighbors to cause a swarm. How few bees can I safely keep in this confined area without the hive growing out of control? Are there other options such as fruit flies that might better aid/serve my pollination needs? Any info is helpful, thanks. BTW great article. I love the series and have listened to you respond to questions on TSP.

  • Bees used for Home Fortification
    By: Michael Jordan,
    “The BEE Whisperer”
    I know now that most of you know some beekeeping skills, products that you can make from them and sel […]

    • Michael, I will be moving to a location much more condusive to having bees in the fairly near future. When I do I will get in touch with you and I have been reading all your stuff. I have been aware and intrigued with bee’s for a very long while but never raised any. I have raised goats and chickens, horses and a few other critters but no bee’s. I just want to have a hive or two. I actually do have a lot of bees in my garden and kind of wigged out on photographs of them in the last few years. Scope some of them out on my site and FB page and I have more if you ever want to use any of them, I will forward to you. I think you may appreciate them and have a use for them. Feel free to contact me and ….. Good on Ya !

  • Permaculture/ Survival Event
    update as of 3.12.2014
    class is a GO!
    20 people have made a change in there Lives  & are coming
    is 3/26/2014 to have a s […]

  • Keeping Honey Bees for Survival
    Part 4
    The Stingless Honey Bee

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