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Permaculture Survival Event

Permaculture/ Survival Event

update as of 3.12.2014

class is a GO!

20 people have made a change in there Lives  & are coming


is 3/26/2014 to have a spot

******BEST PRICE IS $350.00 FOR THE DAY*******
Room for two/Food/The EvEnT Cost for Two People/ABFC certification/GOLD
(A room with hot tub add $30) = $190  per person DEAL
[price for flight in is on you, we pick up June 20th 8pm DIA Air Port]

June 21st, 2014

Cheyenne, Wyoming

A Bee Friendly Company, INC. is teaming up with I.P.U.G. (a local prepping, homesteading, and survival group) to offer a one day course

June 21st, 2014 on the art of permaculture.

Our Keynote speaker will be Nick Ferguson.

Nick Ferguson (heard on The Survival Podcast Episode-1204) is a passionate and active permaculturist who is currently building his property into a Permaculture school called Permaculture Classroom.  Before earning his PDC and Earthworks Course certification from Geoff Lawton  (world renowned permaculturist and teacher),  Nick grew up gardening, and he and his extended family were heavily into alternative agriculture. Nick now manages and cares for a multi-million dollar estate outside of a large metropolitan area. Nick’s real passion is teaching sustainable living systems and design, and for this reason he is building a Permaculture demonstration site, school, and sustainable farm.

This day long series of classes will be an amazing opportunity for you to receive extensive education on topics that will save you money, time, and provide valuable information on  prepping for good times and bad.  We have guest speakers coming to talk on several topics (see schedule)  beyond just Permaculture.     This course is from 7am to 5pm+ with Q&A at the end.  Nick will be here for the whole day, and available for a few minutes of FREE consultation.  The price for this course would not even cover a consultation from Nick.   Getting information like this almost never comes at this price.   We hope that you will attend and give yourself and your family the benefit of this valuable information!

There are only 32 spots for the course.

We only have 20 spots, 12 are still open 

$100 Deposit needed by April 15th 


PRICE Per Person:

$175 for the day (couple $275)

$155 for military (honor system, no ID needed)

$140 Wyoming Master Gardeners and up to date LCCC/UW students

$135 for I.P.U.G. survival group members and 

members of The Survival Podcast w/Jack Spirko 



What is in the course?


7:00 am    Coffee & coffee cake, meet and greet

7:30 am    Nick on the art of permaculture, what it does, how it works

10:15 am    15 min break- talk to Nick- talk to others

10:30 am   Amy Elben on companion planting for Wyoming ·

12:00 pm    LUNCH:  BLT greenery wraps

Sandwich meats and cheeses, rolls

Stir fry chicken and vegetables

Lemonade, tea, and water

Slice of pie

1:30 pm   Michael Jordan on water catchment

2:30 pm   Nick Ferguson/Jim Jordan:  Hands on earth works;

Swales & cover cropping

4:00 pm    Snacks, Q & A with instructors & consultations (be nice and give everyone a chance with them), walk the 10 year plans for the URBAN HOMESTEAD that we will be at, and visit the products table.

6:00 pm   “I don’t know where you’re going but you can’t stay here.”

END of the class and we hope you keep in touch for more events.


Drive Home Safely!


Maps and Driving instructions will be provided to course participants.    For more information:


Email abeefriendlycompany@gmail.com   Or  call 307-638-8440 to sign up


*** NOTES:   Bring a shovel, gloves, & proper foot ware.  We are going to make a swale so you can actually see how it works. There will be a small piece of equipment on site so think safety, bring vest if you have one.


*  If you want more to eat or drink, bring it ( Example: an adult beverage AFTER the earthworks) but I am sure you will not leave my table hungry!  NUMBER ONE THING, have a good time!  If you feel that you cannot contain yourself and behave in a respectful manner, don’t come.   I think you know some of the people that will be here and I am sure they will help you leave.


Our Other Instructors and Presenters:

Amy Elben:   A native Wyomingite, Amy is an herbalist here in Wyoming. She uses the art of permaculture to grow food and medicine on a small homestead here. She is one of the only people I know that is growing wolfberries (Goji berries), and aronia berries  in this climate and altitude.   She makes her own medicines, teaches alternative Medicines & Herbs, and works her land. Owner of The Farmacy  she  teaches people to  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Amy will be giving a class on Companion Planting in Wyoming.


Christopher Di Cicco:   Owner of Sol Survivor and Cross Fit Training facility (http://www.solsurvivor.com)  in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Christopher has been rigorously and professionally instructing throughout the Combat Operators of the Department of Defense (DoD) for over 30 years. His Instructors have a cumulative 51 years of Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (S.E.R.E) and Rescue techniques under their belts. They instruct in Defensive Driving, High Risk of Isolation, and High Risk Environmental Survival.


Rob Twyford:   This born and bred Wyoming Cowboy is a Hobby gold prospector. He owns one of the largest gold dredging systems that one can have before being considered a professional prospector.  Rob, a member of GPAA (Gold Prospectors Association of America), is a Wyoming Mountain Man.  He instructs on Panning for gold, camping for months, and living off the land with what is only in your pocket at the time.

Maija Smith:   Owner of AllWays Granola (https://www.facebook.com/allways.granola/info)    Maija has a gluten free, sugar free base granola product!  Using local raw honey and canola oil is a great fit for specific diets or lifestyles, ie. Vegan, paleo or gluten free. Each  of her blends is made to order as well, so if you have any nut or fruit allergies, likes or dislikes, she will add or omit so you can still enjoy this wonderful granola to the fullest!  Great for Preppers, survivalists, specific diets, or camping  out, it is Allways Granola.

Michael Jordan: Owner of A BEE Friendly Company, Inc.  founded I.P.U.G. His growing interest in self-preservation and the love of the earth has made him more than a beekeeper. One of the few called “Bee Activist”; his teaching on beekeeping has been heard all over the world. He has worked with Worlds of Wonder Discovery Channel, Bee’s Without Boarders, The Pearl Foundation, Boys & Girl scouts,  various 4-H groups, The Rotary Club, and many youth programs …teaching the lost art of beekeeping. His travels and stories of how biodynamic beekeeping and growing your own food can change the world will make you smile and cry.  With his new type of bee hive, Michael hopes to put a bee hives everywhere. “When people tell me about green technology jobs and products, I laugh, because there is nothing greener then what I am.   A beekeeper.”


Make your reservations for this valuable and fun filled day of learning NOW,,,before the classes are completely filled.   See the world, and your place in it…in a whole new light!  We look forward to seeing you in Cheyenne on June 21st.  

About Michael Jordan

Profile photo of Michael Jordan
Thank you for reading. I am Michael Jordan, “The BEE Whisperer,” Owner of A BEE Friendly Company, INC. located in Wyoming. I have been teaching the art of bees and beekeeping for over 15 years. I have studied bees in my many travels over the world. Bees and Beekeepers are different all over the world. The style of beekeeping used is up to you. There are over 20,000 types of bees and 1500 of them are a type of honey bee. If you work with bees I would love to hear from you. If you want me to come and teach a group or class for you, let me know, I love to talk bees, I travel all over the world doing so. You can reach me at abeefriendlycompany@gmail.com. Get me there and we can all bee friendly.

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