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The Best Health Insurance Plan Available, On the Planet!

Is right at your finger tips and basically for free! Here in America we hear incessant talk and claims about health care and lately health insurance as a necessity of health care. And many people still think that our health care system is actually about keeping or making people healthy and that insurance is for your benefit and in your best interest. I am convinced both of those claims are completely false on a grand scale. Why? Let me explain my perspective and thoughts.

Perspective and Thoughts

First, we do not have any kind of epidemic as far as real health is involved. What we do have is an epidemic of people expecting the current medical establishment to fix them with a wonder drug or some chemical concoction sold by the pharmaceutical industry. And all after they have spent a lifetime of very unhealthy habits and lifestyle. We also have a tremendous amount of people that are overweight and either obese by definition or borderline obese. This single malady accounts for the vast majority of health conditions in our society. Contrary to popular thinking, it is not a disease, as nearly all maladies are labeled these days (see Dr Fred Baughman)  HERE . Google him as well. Elevated blood pressure and all related problems are also not a disease, per se, nor are any elevated cholesterol issues or endocrine imbalances necessarily. And who has a vested interest to make those labels stick or be associated with any disease rather than a condition that could be avoided? Are heart attacks a disease or a condition mostly of bad habits and lifestyle? Diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as high cholesterol, are directly linked to our populace being vastly overweight and therefore very unhealthy. We don’t really have a health crisis, we have a lot of people simply making serious bad choices for their own health and taking no actions to improve or enhance their own health. The current so-called health care system feeds into this false paradigm with false disease labels. Very little health care revolves around personal responsibility of eating habits or nutrition or exercise on a regular basis. Most of our current system is all about treating these maladies well after the fact and little “preventive medicine” is actually dispensed at all. Seems to me the term “preventive medicine” could be replaced with personal responsibility and common sense largely, or at least many times.

Notice how convoluted and distorted many phrases are deliberately created and thrown out there by certain industries and special interests to keep the ball rolling and the dollars coming in. Combine those bad habits with a populace that expects science (pharma conglomerates) to have some kind of magic bullets always available, and then look at the side effects of those magic bullets on the TV commercials. Many times the side effects are far worse than the original malady. But  the lady has a good relationship with her doctor and he found her this drug.” How unrealistic is that scenario? Nearly always, the original malady could be resolved naturally by simply changing one’s thinking and actions. One simple solution for many would be simply don’t eat as much. Not to mention what people eat as a factor, also, not just the volume. And all can be done easily. As well, we have become a very sedentary society, which greatly complicates the equation and helps downgrade overall health in a very large way. Very few people get anywhere near enough physical exertion/exercise to maintain good health. So there is a combination of events taking place that many accept as normal, and nothing could be further from the truth or good health. I imagine most reading this already realize some or most of these events. But many have not actually thought out the insurance complication and now that we are faced with the Obamacare illusion as a mandate, it is likely time to rethink the entire health care issue and see if we can empower ourselves. I know that we can and I will share that perspective with you.

Our very best health care system is our own initiative to take responsibility for our own bodies and health. Stop and think about that. Is it actually in any way possible for anybody else, no matter what so-called degree or initials they may have after their name, to create or maintain your own health and well being? Seems well past obvious to me the answer is a resounding no! It is completely and entirely our own decisions and efforts that will enhance us. Only we can do this. Just by using a bit of common sense and good judgment, we can create and maintain our own excellent health and never need to be involved in any of the pharma that is becoming ever more rampant, or the so-called health care system. 10 years ago there were no such adverts on TV. In fact it was illegal and now, just like lawyers advertising, it is a grand and glorious thing. How odd, hey? So what is really going on here in the USA? Are these companies and organizations supposedly encouraging actual real health or are they maintaining a status quo within the current system? Is it mandatory that we play into this system and NOT take control of our own bodies and health? And is the insurance industry playing right along with Obamacare as a simple taxation scheme and control mechanism? Will they get a bailout that was actually written into the fraudulent law, to make it all better and will anything actually be better? Of course not. The taxpayer will simply get hosed again. And, in the end, receive even worse health care.

But if you are healthy, you don’t need any of the procedures and meds that are so freely pumped and administered in our society at great cost. So why even go there at all? The real key is to maintain a strong and healthy immune system, a balanced endocrine system, a strong and flexible body, and understand the many illusions. Knowledge is Power

Healing Myself

I have healed myself of many maladies and did most of it with herbs, specific nutrients, and dietary supplements. It is equally important to know what NOT to eat and take into your body, just as a regular exercise regimen is very important and part of an overall state of health, fitness and well being. I was electrocuted in 2000. I grabbed a metal post at a sewer plant I was building in Corvallis, Oregon, and there was a short in it. The post was part of an electric gate for the entry road and I had 480 V of three phase pass through my upper body, from my arms up, straight through my brain. It was raining, of course, and the metal was wet. I could not get away from it. In fact, it pulled me in very intensely with serious muscle contractions that were beyond what anybody would ever want to experience. The pain was excruciating. I lost control of my vocal chords and began to gurgle a sort of horrific murmur. Amazingly, we think we likely cannot think when such a thing is happening , but I can assure you that is quite false. I could think very clearly and after about 15-20 seconds being under this intense current, my palms started to hurt seriously and I felt a severe burning sensation increasing fast in my hands. I realized I was going to melt down and die right there, unless I could get away from the grasp of this monster. I tried very deliberately and as hard as I could to push away and get free, to no avail. The worker with me, my son, was watching all this happen as we were setting the last pieces of pipe on the entire job. He was right in front of me making the last pipe joint and I grabbed the post to get some purchase on the pipe, when it grabbed me. He had the presence of mind to take a 2×4 and whack me with it and push me away from the post. It saved my life. Had he grabbed me, we would have certainly both melted down, me for sure as I was the conduit. I fell to the concrete and my head bounced off it. I was out cold. When I awoke, there was ambulance EMT personnel strapping me into a gurney and off we went to the hospital. It was the strangest sensation I have ever had. I was awake but I could not speak or move any part of my body. I actually thought I was dead. They were talking on the radio about whether or not I was going to make it to the hospital as we raced through the town. I was rushed into an emergency trauma room and immediately put on IV and several doctors swarmed all over my carcass. I still could not speak or move, although I was completely conscious. All motor skills ceased. I finally could move my appendages and a nurse said “he is moving”.  I was not at all sure if I was dead or alive up to that point and still very foggy.

I walked out of that hospital about 3 hours later with BP of 129/72. I was in a daze like never before and it only got worse. I ended up hiring a girl to walk around with me on our job sites and take notes as I could not remember what I had said or done maybe 2 minutes ago, much less the next day. I never took any time off and went right back to work the next day. That girl stayed for 6 months and eventually I started to get my faculties and memory back. Of course, I went to numerous doctors and specialist because it was an insurance claim with workers comp. They all said I would have frontal lobe damage and I should convalesce and take it easy and, of course, they all had drugs for me to take. I refused all and did a lot of reading and research on getting hit with high voltage. I really was very lucky and I should have died, but I didn’t.  Nonetheless, I developed my own remedies mentioned below and within a year or so I was pretty well healed. The biggest problem was a lot of joint pain, and I solved that as well with herbals and exercise. I found out that such an event does serious damage to your connective tissue in your joints. That is the first place damage occurs, besides the brain, when it is passing directly through the brain, as it was in my case. In the end, I had a brain scan and there was no damage indicated whatsoever. I was 53 when I had that scan, about two years after the event.

My point in telling you this event is a simple one. I have had numerous such near death events and healed myself from all of them, and guess what, you can too! All I did was some serious reading and research combined with a lot of praying and meditation, and did  NOT depend on the so-called professionals to cure me. I had previously had several serious misdiagnosis and I simply did not trust the doctoring thing. And still don’t. I did heal myself once again with lecithin, riboflavin and massive doses of specific B vitamins, C and a specific diet. All combined with a serious exercise regimen that I developed myself and lasted for 2 years. In fact, it was a lot of fun!  I firmly believe anybody can and could have done the same. Although I was not fully aware of our healing Powers at the time and this got me focused on them to a much higher degree.

So take responsibility of your own body and health and it will cost you nothing, except some time in gaining some knowledge and a little effort. What you gain will be immeasurable. It will seriously empower you and enhance your overall well being tremendously. It really is simply how we think about such things and then act. It is a power that we all have and have lost touch with. But it can be regained and expanded. There are some very good books out there for self healing with herbs and diet and other REAL natural healing means. Try it, you will seriously thank me later. The simple truth is that we have all given over our own powers to heal ourselves and our overall health to people that are not at all what they claim to be and a system that largely could care less about your health, but are dead serious about that big house or next vacation or sending the son and daughter to the the most expensive school or that new Mercedes. The very system they deal in is NOT at all about actual health or healing, but almost completely about “after the fact” reactions and many times the sales of pharma or some unnecessary test or procedures. Well, Steve, I think we will put you on this and if that doesn’t work we will try this HA HA HA , no thanks guys, you can have my share of that kind of health care and backward thinking! There are some good MD’s out there but they are not the majority by far! The good ones are not the full bore drug dispensers, as most are, and actually incorporate some forms of homeopathy and  ask for your input rather than tell you some preordained fantasy about how wonderful a drug is.

Take back your powers from the so-called professionals. In all areas of your life, not just your health. Below are some examples of those powers we willingly give over to others. If you go down this road, you will not need much, if any, standard practice doctoring. And, yes, if I have a compound fracture poking out I will certainly go in and get it set and sutured. So they do have a purpose. Some drugs also have a purpose, they are simply used far too much for the wrong reasons.  Although you can limit and control all those outcomes and dealings.  But to simply give over all your own healing and thinking powers is a huge mistake in any and everything, much less your actual health care! Take a look at allopathic death rates, that may give you some doubt about the so-called health care system. Here is a link on allopathic death rates http://www.whale.to/a/dean.html  in great detail.

I am convinced Obamacare will fail going forward. To some degree it already has and I see no imperative or logical reasoning to show it can be implemented successfully. Mainly because it was created with lies and deceit and the overall complications of the economic and social implications were not part of the equation. It was simply a control mechanism thrown together by people who had no idea whatsoever what they were doing. The regime simply believed their own bullshit (you probably know somebody who believes their own BS and how well does that usually work out?) to the point that they would say or do anything to get this nightmare passed into law. Now they have to deal with all the lies and the basic reality of their folly, in all its forms after the fact. Therefore, they will simply ramp up the lies, distortions and illusions!  Stuff like this. to waste your tax dollars on (fed funded video advert). Is Simmons fit or just plain stupid? Are you convinced of the good deal you are gonna get?

So I will continue healing and caring for myself and not be worrying a bit about any of it. I already have my confidence and resources and they did NOT come from any government agency or any form of the current ruse of supposed health care. I am very healthy and fit and plan on staying that way with zero input from the control freaks we call government. You can certainly do the same and save yourself a lot of grief. Insurance doesn’t make anybody healthy, not even one person that I am aware of! It may give some forms of ongoing maintenance after the fact with drugs, but directly giving real health is not part of the program. Usually just another magic bullet concoction with those pesky side effects. Ponder that. I have always paid out of pocket and have not been to a doctor in years. I do have VA coverage from prior events, but use it hardly at all. The simple truth is, it is all very simple stuff and anybody can heal themselves and maintain their own good health. You simply have to make the decision to do that! So I fail to see why anybody could or would equate health insurance and our current so-called health care system with providing any form of good heath. I simply don’t see that happening anywhere, any time. As Joni Mitchel said in her song  “It all comes down to you “  and that seems quite true in all things, always.

The videos below are well worth the watch, they may make your day or week or life! They are all interconnected to the idea of our health, our Powers and what we have given away in error!

Here is a video of a home schooled 13 year old.

He seems quite fine and healthy to me, without government intervention. Although I do not think Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg are good examples of much of anything except what is wrong. But this youngster is saying almost exactly the points I speak of regularly. It is all about how we think and then act accordingly in all things, and for sure our health and well being and simple happiness and joy. I am not a fan of TED, but that is beside the point in this case. Interestingly, you get the same messages from a rather intelligent 13 year old and that of a guy with many life experiences, time on the planet and a grasp of the world we live in. Both coming to surprisingly similar conclusions in some matters.

Next is an interesting set of thoughts by a guy named Santos Binocchi

Pretty well covers some of my thoughts and experiences about how we have all given over our powers to the so-called professionals. Santos is a very interesting guy. He has a lot of work on YouTube. Probably time to rethink a lot of existing and old paradigms for many reasons and take control of your own life in all its forms. Basically Santos makes points that disclaim the many illusions we all live under and explains the concept of Astrotheology. The points below are directly related to so-called health care and clearly show how it is all defined and obscured by others, whose goal is simply to control you and your money. Seems every issue is the same and well distorted these days.

1. Lawyers destroy and distort  justice and the laws. Their real purpose has become keeping you from having much of any voice in any of it so they can make the rules. They have even developed their own language to keep you from participating and actually having any voice or representation at all. They force you to hire one of them! Of course, the judge is also one of them.What you end up with is just the illusion of any real representation, and you only get that if you have an abundance of money. Then you may actually win your point or defeat your opponent (could be the state), maybe? Facts or anything real has little to do with any of it,  because the rules of evidence are determined by who has the best lawyer and who can distort the issues the best. And that is many times who has the most money and who knows the judge and can speak with him at the golf course or donate to his favorite candidate or candidacy for himself!  How special, hey?

2. Academics constrain many forms of knowledge in the form of new ideas, under the guise of scientific procedures. Yet we see the global warming schemes and many other thought processes manipulated by those very procedures and players of so-called science. Rupert Sheldrake, and the ten dogmas of current science in the video and others are explaining/defining the very existence of human consciousness, and the establishments of current science have been slow to even consider the thesis of morphic fields and morphic resonance. But that is changing and quantum physics is actually saying the same things and realizing there is some “stuff” holding everything together and not the materialistic atom theories of past thinking. The vested interest of academia being entirely supported by tax dollars and all the tenure and other mechanisms involved, preclude many real thought processes and defer to a system of status quo thinking/acting. So it is a slow process to change. People like Leonardo De Vinci and many others in prior history all had to circumvent the establishment and that establishment is alive and well today. Especially here in USSA! Academics/Science, also can be illusionists on a grand scale in many ways.

3. The established religions and governments have morphed into various forms of control mechanisms. They have been perverted and polluted by men for many centuries and longer. They are not at all as originally intended in many ways. Also quite obvious the politicos are simply false images of the  people they claim to be. Representing themselves as one thing, but they are something else entirely. They are actually very illusory in deeds and words. (read my site and you will see I am NOT anti-religion at all) I just see it for what it is and what it should be! There is much more to the story and we have to go back farther in history/time to get the entire truth. So temper all things for yourself.

So is it any wonder every issue, to include our health system and insurance are convoluted? And is there any question that we live in many illusions perpetrated on us by others? I discuss all these matters in great depth at my site www.downtoearthprepper.com  and offer various training for fitness, weight issues, in the field activities, healthy living and thinking in very simple terms that work!  As well as some excellent coconut charcoal products for water filtration/purification and many other uses.  Many other interesting, useful and helpful topics as well for FREE .

Good on Ya!

Steve Baze

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Steve Baze operates a website dedicated to helping people understand and avoid the many illusions we all live under in this country and the world in general. He has an extensive background in business and athletic endeavors as well as being trained in economics and markets. He is currently very much involved in Fitness , Health and Healing by ones own "INNER POWERS" and is interested in helping people utilize those Powers. Steve is also an RVN veteran. He has extensive experience in firearms and self defense and shares all of his many experiences. He is an avid hiker and training enthusiast. He is very well versed in water filtration and purification from a professional perspective of building municipal water treatment facilities and systems from the ground up. He also sells Coconut Charcoal water filtration and purification kits and supplies for many other uses and purposes. He can be reached at www.downtoearthprepper.com

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  1. This is very true Steve im 31 years old and hurt my back and by eating the rite foods and getting the rite amount of exercise im a lot better and didn’t need a doctor or health insurance to do it

    • Profile photo of Steve Baze

      Hey JR, glad you were able to glean some good or useful purpose for yourself. I tore my back up many years ago and was told I had to have several vertabrae fused or I would be crippled forever. I was doing a lot of concrete flatwork and it really is hard on backs. None the less I simply did a lot of reading and found that B vitamins and certain foods and no more straining that area and it healed up rather quickly. That was about 30-35 years ago and my back is stronger now that it was then ? I was around your age as a matter of fact. So, Good on Ya !

  2. Very interesting Steve. Sort of like Carlos Castaneda without the peyote. I get your drift now , completely. It is all insde of each of us . The answers . I am now very interested in the powers you speak of because I can see it is quote real. Thanks , you helped me to another level of thinking and realization for myself. Very cool istuff. I am still scoping out the videos and going down one of them rabbit holes you talk about. Thanks and keep it coming.

    • Profile photo of Steve Baze

      Glad something worked/clicked for you James. Curious of some specifics of what tripped your trigger or helped you in some way? My whole point is to get people to look inside and find their own powers and strength/clarity by realizing the illusions we are all living under. It opens up a lot of download space, Hey? And that is a direct link to the physical part of our existence, our body. It is 100% connected. That is a very liberating and empowering source and understanding. It leads to all manner of realities. Apparently you got that part. Your thoughts of Castaneda bring to mind days of old and yes he was into all manner of shamanistic attribiutes or something like that. He was quite a mushroom eater as well and perhaps on par with Mckenna? Not sure about the Ayahuasca part? Some explanations at the site. Thanks for your comments/thoughts, and Good on Ya !

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