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Josiah Wallingford is a full time prepper and Permaculture Design enthusiast. He began his journey into the preparedness world in 2008. His major influences in life have been his family, friends and mentors which include Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast. Josiah has taken many walks in life for only being in his late twenties. He has worked for Hewlett Packard as a Technical Support Trainer, spent eight years in the US Army and has toured to Afghanistan. Josiah was a video on demand and network installer for Quadriga before his most recent endeavor of interning with Jack Spirko and creating Brink of Freedom. He lives with his lovely wife Holly Wallingford in their beautiful north west of Montana homestead.

Power Outage Drill

Everyone should conduct a power outage drill at least once a year. This applies to those living with alternative power as well. Whether you consider yourself a prepper, homesteader, farmer, democrat, republican, libertarian or even an anarchist, you are a human. Humans require certain things …

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TSP Internship – Day 1

Prelude to Internship Day 1: What internship are you talking about? I listen to a podcast that you are probably familiar with. The podcast is called The Survival Podcast and is hosted by a true patriot (not the government and media’s version of a patriot), Jack Spirko. …

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