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Ivan Loomis is the Founder and President of Ivanco Incorporated. Ivanco Inc specializes in Custom ARs as well as firearms training in North Idaho. Ivan has spent his entire adult life in martial pursuits. With over 8 years in the military, some time with the San Jose Police Department and a number of years doing contract work in the middle east, he has amassed a a collection of experiences and knowledge he is passionate about sharing. Ivan spends his free time at his local Crossfit gym and on adventures with his wife and two young boys.

Hearth and Home

While the dynamic of today’s nuclear family has changed some in recent decades, the ruts of historic roles of family members are still deeply etched. Hopefully the tide of the two income household will reach a high water mark, and more families will try to …

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New Gear

So, what I really need is another holster… Once you get into shooting, you will find a large amount of money turns into a large amount of unused gear. For better or worse, it seems to go this way. No matter how much you “learn” …

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Of Zen and Training

If you are pursuing training in firearms for yourself personally and/or professionally, bring the right mindset.  An Art teacher back in high school gave me a book, or I bought in on his recommendation, I can’t recall.  It was called, “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind.”  I …

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