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Cohutt has spent the last quarter century deep within the investment business; it has chewed him up on occasion it hasn't spit him out yet. He grows most of his family's produce on his 65 foot wide downtown lot, owns more than one firearm but less than Russia, is an experienced reloader and bullet caster. He's self taught in carpentry and other trades via ongoing (since 1987) renovation and maintenance of his 140+ year old home. He's a tinkerer and maker, project over-reacher, long time husband of his first spouse, father of brilliant adult children, proto-Aspergerian, longtime "Friend of Bill", and a favorite target of his own ridicule. (cohutt's frequent updates of his urban food garden folly at can be found at cohutt.com)

Hyperinflation 101

For the better part of 4+ years now we’ve been hearing of how the Fed has been “printing money” with many dire warnings of eminent hyperinflation.  It hasn’t happened. So why has inflation remained within the “normal” ranges during this period, or more specifically where …

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