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I'm the author the post apocalyptic fiction series Going Home. I've been involved with what we now call prepping since the early 90's, focusing on developing primitive skills as well as accepting the best modern technology has to offer. Having been married to my wife for over twenty years has taught me the value of working together. Having three daughters ranging in age from eight to eighteen has taught me patience. Living under a government that seems determined to deny me my rights has taught me distrust. Having the skills to defend, feed and shelter my family has given me the peace of mind that my family can endure. Accepting responsibility for the future of my family and friends is worth more than any benefit the government could ever provide. It's time we as Americans stand up for our rights, our property and our lives.

Carolina Readiness Supply

This week I dropped in on Carolina Readiness Supply, located in Waynesville, North Carolina.  Carolina Readiness Supply (CRS) was founded by Bill and Jan Sterrett in May 2008, after the gravity of the economic situation of that time became clear to them.  At the time, Bill was just beginning to put food and supplies …

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