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30+ year gardener although I lapsed for a few years. I currently reside in suburbia and have turned our 0.2 are property into a micro farm. We have 24 chickens, fruit trees, aqaponics, edible landscaping, water harvesting, worm composting, and a regular vegetable garden. We are working on bringing back to life a 6 acre farm that has been in the family for 150 years after 20 years of neglect. I have a background in pharmaceuticals, engineering, business and use these to the best of my ability helping my community. Recently completed Geoff Lawton's PDC and am applying what I learn at my own sites and advising others in and around my area. I teach and give classes in my area on just about anything I feel confident to speak about to get people thinking in a different direction. Gardening, canning, permaculture, aquaponics, water storage and purification, fire and fire starting, BOB's, community building, medicinal herbs, food storage, just to name a few. As much prepping related classes as people will listen to. We are a blended family and have four kids between us. 2-11 and it's challenges with different backgrounds and other parents houses. Some of this comes up in writings. Publisher of the website www.wolfbeachfarms.com and contribute to several other online, print, and e-magazines.

What is a Dead Tree Worth?

Many people will say not much, it is dead, it cannot filter the air, it cannot produce any more for us. I, on the other hand, see great potential in what others call a waste. The Native Americans would use every part of a resource, letting …

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Edible Landscaping for Fall

Fall is a great way to put out some additional color and harvest more vegetables.  While many plants are starting to go dormant or die off, there are several varieties you can plant now that can give color and life to your landscape.   Kale …

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