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Cedar is a 5th generation Oregonian, who grew up on a small vineyard in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. Her first 'job' was growing and selling "Big Max" pumpkins from a roadside stand on the family farm. At 11, she had her own rabbitry business with nearly 100 rabbits. This is when she learned to make the tough decisions of what animals to keep in a breeding program, which animals were excellent in conformation, how to butcher, how to tan their hides and how to keep proper farm records. She later applied this to larger livestock. During high school Cedar took agricultural classes 1 to 4 hours each day for 4 years. She was volunteer dog handler/trainer for a Search and Rescue Unit and was a certified Level I & II trainer to teach other handlers how to train and work their dogs. Over the years she has raised and shown many species and breeds of livestock ranging from rabbits, honey bees, poultry, hogs, dairy goats, horses, beef & dairy cattle and wool sheep for her spinning wheel, drop spindles and looms. She was a veterinary technican for small, large and zoo animals for 22 years. Cedar immigrated north to Canada in 2001, where she owned 40 acres in the bush, the only source of heat in her little cabin was firewood taken from the land, often hauled by sleddogs. Currently some of the animals she raises are the rare American Blue & White rabbit, Slate turkeys, and Shetland sheep. Most of the breeds she chooses are heirloom breeds for conservation reasons. An avid seed saver, she maintains over 700 varieties of rare heirloom vegetable, grain & flower seeds and encourages others to save garden seeds. Back in Oregon, Cedar and her fiance recently bought a century old 100 acre farm in a quaint little farming community. There she is currently writing for various publications, raising her young daughter, and rebuilding a farm. You can probably find her somewhere out in the garden or milking goats....


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