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  • Primal Power Method Bison Chile Recipe
    Here is a tasty recipe created by one of my favorite Primal Power Method followers – Corina Luu


    2 pounds grass fed Bison
    1 large red onion […]

  • The Urban Guerrilla
    “Hops, it is from more than just BEER”
    By Michael Jordan
    A.K.A: Freyr MOJ, the Crimson JUGGERNAUT

    Hops, world renowned for the use in beer, is making a big comeback for gardens and […]

  • “Here, shoot this,” said Tom.

    “What do I do? How do I hold it and what if I push the wrong button?” Molly replied. “Ok, I’ll shoot it.”

    Boom! “Ouch! Damn that hurt! Is it supposed to hurt like that?” cri […]

    • Well written and a great explanation of information from a woman’s point of view. Like the Pretty Loaded video training, there are many essential tips found in this article. It bears reading multiple times. A collection of articles like this would be a useful handout for any firearms instructor.

  • Knockdown Shooting Bench from kosterknives.com
    I found a good design for a shooting bench made from a single sheet of plywood on the web. It requires a 4×8 sheet of 3/4″ plywood, and I chose pressure treated at […]

  • While the dynamic of today’s nuclear family has changed some in recent decades, the ruts of historic roles of family members are still deeply etched. Hopefully the tide of the two income household will reach a […]

  • I have come to notice a certain trend among the homesteaders and permaculturists I surround myself with. It seeps its way into their consciousness around this time of year. The final harvests are done, the frost […]

  • If you are pursuing training in firearms for yourself personally and/or professionally, bring the right mindset.  An Art teacher back in high school gave me a book, or I bought in on his recommendation, I can’t re […]

    • People are reluctant to change/something new, if it doesn’t work go back to what does…If it is better than the original way then you’re that much better off.

  • Every day I meet people who are in chronic pain. In fact, twice in the past I had chronic pain. Once in my lower back and once in my left knee. At its worst the back pain kept me from standing upright or walking, […]

    • Yes, Kelly has done a lot to bring physical therapy to a consumer level. Another great resource is Eric Creesey (http://www.EricCressey.com/), although his material is aimed at a more educated/trained athlete or coach. However, physical therapy takes place largely in the proprioceptive realm. Over the next dozen articles I will give you some assessments and corrections you can take to determine and correct higher level disorders. Each person is different, so the exact same program will help some people and break others. If a coach does not know this, or know what to do about it, the results can range from unexcitedly mediocre to disastrous. On the other hand, when you fully understand this, performing optimally is not only possible, its expected. Keep an eye on this series, it will start to get beyond proprioception around Part Six or so. I look forward to any questions you have then.

  • Molly was driving down the interstate to go visit her boyfriend when she notices she has a flat tire. She immediately pulls over and assesses the situation and quickly realizes she needs to call AAA to have […]

    • Forget the tire. The story was only to prove a point I know it was a real situation but he could have just as easily come upon her whilst she was out changing the flat…

    • Make sure the tire installer torques the lug nuts properly. Have an adequate 4-way lug wrench or a breaker bar with the right socket. PRACTICE so you know what to do. Keep that pistol on your person, not in your purse!

    • Yes ! I’m a 165 lb guy, just helped a young lady change a flat this march. I asked her to watch so she would know how later, if a similar situation happened in the future, but I had to use my foot and kick
      / stomp the wrench down to get the lugs loose. She might have been about 95 to 100 lb. I do not think she could have done it by herself with out knowledge, and other tools.

  • While mildly disappointing, science has not caught up with science fiction.  There are no cool eye implants that give you night vision or thermal imaging.  And the units that are available aren’t something tha […]

  • When TEOTWAWKI (or SHTF or “grid down”- whatever your flavor of alphabet terms)  you will be glad you took a preventative, proactive stance by taking charge of your health.

    In part 1 of this series I will be […]

    • I have read sugar is more addicting than cocaine. I dont know if that is true, but I do know it is highly addictive. Thanks for the input

    • Thanks, Steve.
      I am looking forward to reading your article

    • Lots of excellent info and down to earth ideas on detox. The weekly juice thingy is very good and likely should be a regular part of ones health regimen and diet. The liver may be the single most important organ considering it is a main filter? But A balanced endocrine system is also part of the equation and not at all difficult to accomplish. I will be writing something that enhances the gardening part shortly and a fitness update that is easy to accomplish. Dandelion root , chard, cabbage, arugula and beets all in the ground and doing well since weather changed recently. Good on Ya, and thanx for all your info.

  • The Soil
    One of the first challenges a modern homesteader is faced with is poor soil. In rare instances, soil may not be your immediate issue, but you should be looking downstream to make sure this does not […]

    • Good info Travis. As a fellow Coloradoan, I relate to your comments about the soil quality here and the limited rainfall. I’m especially interested in the Hugel beds you describe and want to try them for some of my perennials like raspberries. Let me know if you ever make it up to Salida.

    • You have brought up a very important point about planning. I have seen many people start to put their plants in without any planning. I like that you have given information and incorporated different forms of watering for different situations

  • Shortly after moving in to our new home in Colorado, we began several projects that would enable us to take advantage of this property and begin making it into a homestead. We were excited to be in a more rural […]

    • Ticks aren’t as prevelant here in Colorado as out east. At least this has been my experience. This area is in a fairly established residential area as most of the houses were built in the 80’s. The trees were never part of a forest as this was all open fields before this subdivision was developed.

      One concern I do have is fleas, as we have a very healthy prairie dog population on the outskirts of the subdivision and we also have a fairly nomadic squirrel population. So my concerns are much greater than Lymes disease, but more of the Plague as these prairie dogs are more prone to transmit that to other animals.

      Though the chicks have only been outside a few days, I have not seen any ticks, but tonite I will check both rabbits and chickens and post back for those with similar concerns.

      Thanks for you comment.

    • Thanks Steve, my girlfriend and I want goats so bad, but where we live within the city limits and in an HOA controlled community makes this extremely difficult. I won’t say impossible as those types of restrictions are meant to be broken. We have decided to wait until such time as when we move to our dream property deep in to rural america, where we can have goats and sheep and a variety of roosters, as I am an avid fly fisherman and could monetize the heck out of exotic roosters for fly tying material to local fly shops.

    • Travis – This is helpful info for many people. Good luck in your works. It will all expand as you go along, so enjoy !
      I think it is very important for folks to be well versed in producing their own food from many sources and techniques. Chickens are excellent and so are goats. I will be writing about raising goats and sheep on a small scale soon. i have been spending some time doing all the research and gathering info from local people who do both on a larger scale? I have raised some in the past and the only problem was they do become very friendly? More so goats.
      Good luck in your endeavors

    • Hope it all goes well Hans. I have a backyard food source as well and will be moving out further also. Good luck in your endeavors !

    • Thanks, I will keep providing overall updates in the form of future articles on Brink of Freedom. If you want to see the details of each project please check out my website as I am trying to post weekly if not daily as to share my experiences.

      Again, I appreciate your interest.

    • This was great. I’m going to use this as a blueprint for my own efforts now that we’ve moved from the Big City.

  • When you go to the range, do you shoot your weapon or do you train with your weapon?  And if you do train, is it quantifiable?  A lot of people go to the range to train and expend a lot of rounds (read money) p […]

  • As a holistic nurse, my practice and philosophy are focused on prevention. So, when I started thinking about a topic that can really affect and enhance and ultimately help to prolong a person’s life, I had to get […]

    • Excellent information. The correlation between the gut and our immune system and endocrine system is very important and synergistic. It is all about balance, Hey ? I will be trying some of the recipes and methods !

      And one dose of antibiotics ? No wonder our society is mostly sick, weak and unhealthy people. Combine that with overweight and excess body fat and you have a society that looks like ours? Interesting how people in other cultures with far less so-called technology and medical care are very lean with almost zero heart and immune disorders ? Must be a reason.

  • Top of the morning to you! My name is Marco and in approximately 2 minutes I am going to put a knife to your throat and shove you in my trunk. I will take you to some undisclosed area and likely tie you up. What […]

  • “People are fed by the food industry, which pays no attention to health. And are treated by the health industry, which pays no attention to food.” – Wendell Berry

    Growing a garden and taking control of your […]

    • Really like the article. Is there an easy way to make/get compost tea and what is the difference between that and lechate?

    • Thanks, Travis. Compost tea can be brewed with a simple air pump and a 5 gallon bucket. It should be brewed for at least 12 hours and no more than 48 hours.

      AACT (actively aerated compost tea) is active and extraction (or leachate) is passive. When you aerate water and allow microbes to breathe in the presence of organic food sources microbes grow to extraordinary concentrations. Much higher than when water is run through compost (extract) or what drips out of the compost or worm bin (leachate).

      Here is a link for compost tea supplies so you can get brewing: http://www.progressivegardens.com/compost-tea-inputs-cat.html

  • It’s silly, I know, to humanize plants, seedlings and seeds, but with so much information out there, much of it contradictory and most of it ‘ticklist’, it’s something that helps my little mind prioritize and i […]

    • Thanks Chris, really nice to know there are some like minded souls out there. Money is one thing but nothing like feeding your family on produce you know has been grown safely and naturally. Appreciate your feedback!

    • Thanks Chris, here in the uk it is still pretty cheap to buy stuff in, but there is nothing like feeding your family on stuff you know is grown in the right way, without chemicals and locally. It’s really great to know there are like minded souls out there!

  • The History of Cinnamon

    For thousands of years, numerous cultures used cinnamon as a spice and to benefit health. As a matter of fact, in the ancient world, cinnamon was the most sought-after spice. It was […]

    • This awesome. I love cinnamon. Another reason we need to get back to the basics.

    • When working with clients, the first thing I recommend them to do in order to get their sugar consumption under control, is to use cinnamon in its place. Works like a charm! I use it daily in a multitude of drinks and recipes.

    • Yes cinnamon is a good one for sure. I use it in my protein shakes with a banana, some dates and real yogurt. Also many other uses in teas and drinks as well as a dash or two in curry. Many of the Aryuvedic herbs are quite powerful for numerous uses.

  • There is a tremendous amount of written information on the important subject of fitness and health. But there is one common thread that holds true in all of it. You can acquire all manner of information and read […]

    • Jon I am aware of such quantified self thesis. But I am NOT at all inclusive of any technology or gadgets to accomplish my health and fitness goals. I am all about utilizing our “Inner Powers” to accomplish those things and nothing else? We all have this but few understand how to tap into them. Any body can do it . It is mostly a matter of letting go of all, the outside influences and diversions we all face everyday on this planet. So it does take looking inside and that requires a certain frame of mind and an absents from those outside forces or distractions. I just turned 66 and now in a new phase of my own development/understanding physically. I am at 10%BF and lost 15 more pounds over the winter and do NOT do anything like a diet ? I am now putting on pure muscle and will be done at 160Lbs from my lat year weight of 167 when all is complete in a short while. I do not go by Paleo strongly either. I just keep the white starches in a limited range and eat exactly what I want.The secret is to learn how to manage and control your metabolism and endocrine system. There is a lot of utter garbage and nonsense floating around these days about diet and nutrition and many fads. I firmly believe the only truth of any of it is your own results? Many are talking the talk but in no way walk the walk? Just look around and see who is fit and whom isn’t. That answers all the BS ! I see all manner of people talking Paleo and health and fitness and when you look at them they are obviously none of those things but they talk a good talk ? All you need to be healthy and fit is your own powers and go inside and you will find them . All else is an illusion. I will be posting some new photos soon. Much better than talk. I am completely thankful for my health and fitness and healing. Everything one needs to know about how to accomplish such is at my site. A lot of material for FREE ! Good on Ya .

    • So true Brooke. There is no complete magic bullet and we do all process our nutrition and physical stimulus slightly differently. Being fit and overall healthy really is just a state of mind or mindset. Much more than any system or fad or whatever. It is all about taking the time to know your own body and inner self. All the same thing actually ! Balance is the secret if there is one.

    • So important to remember that one plan does not work for everyone. Thank you for reminding us of that!

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