• BackyardHomestead

    Creating the Backyard Homestead

    Shortly after moving in to our new home in Colorado, we began several projects that would enable us ...

  • megan holding shot timer

    Against the Clock

    When you go to the range, do you shoot your weapon or do you train with your weapon?  And if you do ...

  • staircase

    A Shift in Perspective – Part 3

    This article is the third of a series of articles entitled “A Shift in Perspective.” This series of ...

  • wikipedia gut flora

    Glamorous Gut Flora

    As a holistic nurse, my practice and philosophy are focused on prevention. So, when I started thinki...

  • PL - The Awareness Advantage

    The Awareness Advantage

    Top of the morning to you! My name is Marco and in approximately 2 minutes I am going to put a knife...


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